Raising Worms at Home using Can o Worms

Can o Worms
Can o Worms

Raising Worms at Home using Can o Worms

You'll find raising worms at home in Can o Worms is very valuable and is indeed beneficial in terms of lessening your everyday garbage amount as you produce organic fertilizers for your garden soil. When raising worms at home in Can o Worms, You can give your family's organic wastes in the kitchen, may be it peelings of fruits and vegetables, left overs from the fridge or table scraps, egg shells, used tea bags, coffee grindings etc. or your lawn's grass cuttings, dried leaves, grinded tree branches etc.

Red Wiggler worm and castings
Red Wiggler worm and castings

Raising Worms at Home for Worm Castings and Fishing Worms

When raising worms at home in Can o Worms, you will definitely have a lot of "worm poo" or worms castings coming! But don't worry, Worm casting or their "poo" do not smell bad, instead, it smells like "After-the-rain soil smell" it is popularly used as soil conditioners, organic fertilizers and making worm tea. And for those who plans on going to fishing trips every season, you'll have a wonderful supply of worms when raising worms at home in Can o Worms because worms, especially Red Wiggler worms are very prolific in worm bins or in captivated breeding. By proper care in raising worms at home in Can o Worms, a well maintained Can o Worms or Vermicompost bin can provide you with a large number of worms or Red Wiggler worms every season.

Can o Worms
Can o Worms

Raising Worms at Home in Can o Worms

Can o worms are odorless and easy to clean. The simple design makes it very easy to use and manage. Whether you live in the city on an apartment, you can place it under the sink for easy access disposal of organic kitchen wastes. Raising worms at home in Can o Worms is also great to use outdoor for your lawn's organic wastes. Each section are stacked rings like a worm condo that can keep thousands of worms. Organic waste materials is placed on the top stack as the worms climb to it to forage food while organic bits and pieces falls down on the middle layer and tiny castings or manure is collected on the bottom. Right below the last layer for worm castings is a tap drain that collects all the fresh worm tea directly. The convenience in this is that you may no longer mess yourself up or get dirty when collecting worm castings or changing beddings. The Can o Worms have 5 sturdy legs and it can be easily moved from a location to another.

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Can o worms for composting
Can o worms for composting

Raising Worms at Home in Can o Worms for Composting

Worms are heavy eaters, some worms like Red Wiggler worms will eat up to 1 and a half times of their own body weights in 24 hours when there's plenty of food for them around. When raising worms at home in Can o worms, worms can produce "poo" or castings up to 75% of their body weights. compost is by far richer in nutrients than an ordinary garden soil. Worm composting is much richer in Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium than your typical compost or "hot" pile that aids in plant growth, fruits & flowers bearing and in the overall health of plants. The best specie of worms in composting are worms like Red Wiggler worms that are classified as Epigeic, meaning they live no more deeper than 12" below soil surface, keeping the top of the soil loose and aerated.

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nice reviews. i just start my composting activity in September 2009. today i have my own vermiculture and vermicompost

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Thank you, good for you :)

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