Remodel Your Bathroom Today with a New Modern Vanity

Note from SuperiorInteriors: Did you know that a new San Diego bathroom vanity store is opening up right next to my neighborhood? I'm really excited about it, they carry all sorts of cool new modern vanity styles that I think are pretty great. Definitely check them out by clicking the link above, and be sure to follow them on Twitter! The store, called Bathgems, opens up sometime in February. I can't wait to do some browsing!

The Grand Regent bathroom vanity from Bathgems
The Grand Regent bathroom vanity from Bathgems

Whether it has just now occurred to you to do a remodel on the bathroom or it is a thought you have had over the last few years, you need to know there are a multitude of things to think about when buying your new bathroom items. Because these items are not necessarily cheap that you will be purchasing, it will be very imperative that you think long and hard before deciding on exactly which style you will buy. Just going to the store and ordering a bathroom vanity won't get you very far.

If you only say you want a new steel vanity or contemporary vanity, it would be like you ordering just a hamburger at a burger joint without saying what you want on it. Under the one heading of modern vanities many selections can be found, so it will be imperative that you be a bit more to the point about what you want. Are you still trying to come up with what you want in a contemporary vanity? This is fine you just need to search through the options, that are being offered to you today and decide which of the options you like best. You need to remember that normally not many extras are on the modern steel vanities. Even when the term modern or contemporary is applied, the vanities still are quite simple. They are simple but they still make a definite statement in your bathroom.

Don't you wish your bathroom looked like this? I sure do!
Don't you wish your bathroom looked like this? I sure do!

This is like giving your bathroom a face-lift. Due to this modern vanity being the center of attention, you need to make certain to get what best works in the room. Your modern vanity should not only please you, but others that walk into your bathroom need to be pleased with it also. The reason for this is that in the future you may need or want to sell your home due to various circumstances. Due to this reason, you have to be sure that your steel vanity has mass appeal so that the value of your house will stay good for resale. If by chance you are purchasing one of the everything-together vanities be positive that you like what is in it. If you do not like what comes all together, then you can purchase a contemporary vanity alone without all the other things on it. Match, mix, and create a bathroom that you can just love along with your family. Since you wish to remodel this bathroom now, then you need to be positive you know what you are doing, even from the start.

The Soft Focus vanity from Bathgems is a lovely addition to a guest bathroom or other small bathroom
The Soft Focus vanity from Bathgems is a lovely addition to a guest bathroom or other small bathroom

Buying your vanity is the easy part now you have to install the modern vanity. You no doubt have paid a good price for your modern vanity or perhaps a steel vanity, you have taken quite some time to pick it out too, now you have to get it installed right. All you need is the right tools to install it on your own and a knack working with your hands. The bathroom vanity should have instructions with it. If it doesn't then there are some books or sites on the Internet that will show you how to install it.

You will be saving your money again by installing the vanity yourself, and you will have such a sense of pride doing the work yourself. And this new bathroom vanity will last you for years to come.

Don't delay because you may never have the kind of time or money to do this remodel project in your bathroom again. When you begin to shop around for your modern vanity for your bathroom, you will need to be certain that you spend enough time shopping prior to you buying anything. The reason this is so that you get a good deal or even a bargain if you can. When you save all this money, you can use it for another project in the house. But maybe you would rather spend your savings on some other new accessory for the bathroom. This could be something like a stylish new light fixture.

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whitton profile image

whitton 5 years ago

Nice Hub. I love the look of these modern vanities. Very unique and sleek looking.

SuperiorInteriors profile image

SuperiorInteriors 5 years ago from San Diego, California Author

Thanks, Whitton! Yeah, I think they look great! Big fan of these modern-style vanities. Thank you for stopping by and commenting!

Frank L. Wright profile image

Frank L. Wright 5 years ago from San Diego

Great job! Nice Hub

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