Removing Stain from Vinyl Siding

If you are reading this article then you have either made the mistake of thinking you could stain the deck or fence beside the house without masking off the siding, or you are really, really bored.  Either way thanks for reading and let’s begin.

This past summer I was going to stain my deck on the front of the house and did not see the need to mask off the vinyl siding near the deck.  After all, I was planning to be careful so masking this area off would only waste time.

As I started to apply the stain, wiping the brush back and forth on the wood, I realized that the stain was spraying off the end of the brush at the end of each stroke.  My first concern was spotting on the deck, but this quickly passed as I saw the stain trails up the vinyl siding.

By definition of the word “stain” I knew that I had to get this off the siding rather quickly.  I rushed into the house and grabbed a bucket of water and a rag and headed back out to remedy this issue.  I started wiping the spots with water and as feared the spots on the siding were indeed stained.  Water was not doing the trick.

I hurried back into the house and decided that the best solution at this point had to be on Google.  I searched every possible word combination I could think of that would bring me a solution to removing stain from vinyl siding, but after nearly an hour of searching and reading (I was not the first to save time by not masking off the siding) I had nothing.  Google had finally failed me.

At this point I decided I would go back to an old trusted method often employed in these situations, I would stare at the spots in hope they would disappear.  As I was working this method on the spots I had another idea.  When I was little I used to work beside my dad in his garage and after a long hard day filled with grim and grease, he would squirt a miracle gel into my hands and the grease would disappear.  No water needed.  This miracle gel and a rag and everything was clean again.  Could this be the answer?

I hurried to my garage and grabbed the tub of Gojo and headed back to the porch.  I started to apply the Gojo to the stained spots and after a little rubbing I let it sit.   Several minutes later I used a clean rag to aggressively remove the Gojo and much to my surprise the stains were gone as well.  Just like the grease on my hands, the stain on the vinyl siding was no match for Gojo.

If you are not familiar with Gojo Hand Cleaner it is available any auto parts store and definitely worth having a tub around the house, for whatever you might need it for. I hope that this article was helpful, and gets you out of a “why would you not mask that off” discussion with your significant other.  As a disclaimer, I applied the Gojo to a light grey siding, so before trying this solution on your siding I would test it on a small piece just to make sure Gojo does not take away more than the stain.


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