Renewable Energy - Is It Worth the Investment?

Homemade Solar Power

Solar Electricity System
Solar Electricity System
How to Make Solar Panels
How to Make Solar Panels
Home Solar Electricity
Home Solar Electricity

Advantage of Building Your Own Solar Panels

The advantage of building your own solar panels has great lasting benefits but the most significant is the time invested. Spending time to learn a new skill is a form of investing but once that skill is acquired you'll never have to pay for installation or having to expand your system again. Most people friendly to the environment are passionate about reducing their carbon footprint to contribute to the well being of the global ecology. Ironically, our natural resources are dwindling, global warming is upon us and natural disasters seem to be accelerating as the warming changes the climates around the world.

Making a difference for most people starts with renewable energy at home. But how do you address the financial issue of installing a new system? A normal professional Installation could become an expensive endeavor unless you're willing to trade your time to cut expenses. By being resourceful, there are many resources to help anyone succeed in building their own solar system. Renewable energy companies are offering DIY kits for building home made solar systems. The simple step by step instructions were developed for beginners who don't even know anything about the subject. The demonstrations in the videos show exactly how each part is assembled; all you'll need is a comfortable workroom or garage. This will free up time spent researching manufacturers and interviewing installers.

Renewable Energy Technology

Green Solar Energy
Green Solar Energy

Home Solar Electricity

Before shopping around for needed accessories, an estimation of your electricity power usage is required. This can be achieved by determining the wattage output for each solar panel and evaluating the amount of power consumed for an entire year. Included with the factoring of fluctuations in energy usage in different seasons.

Photovoltaic systems range in warranties from one-year to a lifetime of coverage, but, the quality changes depending on how the product is packaged. For example, a product offered at 15% efficiency with a one-year warranty will differ in quality to a product offered at 13% efficiency with a lifetime warranty. Spend some time researching and learning about the different systems and panel sizes. Do some research; talk to friends and neighbours who are using solar energy or even strangers who are into green energy, Understanding the value of a lifetime warranty will make a big difference in the long term overall expenses.

Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon Solar Project

Solar Electricity
Solar Electricity

Building Your Own Solar Panels!

Finally, decide the type of solar system best suited for supplying electricity to your home. There are generally three basic types of solar panel systems in use today.

The first type is completely green/off grid system, this system collects electricity from panels, distributes it throughout the house via a circuitry broad while storing/charging its batteries. There are backup batteries for emergencies or off-grid use. It's a stand-alone system completely disconnected from the grid.

The second type is grid-tie system, this system gathers power identical to the Off-grid type but it is linked directly to the local utility grid via a/your meter. It keeps the back-up batteries fill for emergency and the excess energy is forwarded to the local utility grid/electric company through the meter. This system uses only green energy and sells the excess back to the grid.

The third type is grid-tied system, the most commonly used system is linked via your power meter. It's basically the grid-tie system in reverse, instead of selling power to the local utility grid, you're using energy from it. This system uses electricity collected from your solar panels and your shortfall is supplied by the local utility company.

As you can see, implementing a residential solar energy system makes it possible to save in the long term and in most cases eliminate the utility bills altogether. By building your own solar panels you can definitely save on your installation cost.

Renewable Wind Energy

Green wind Energy
Green wind Energy

Homemade Wind Power

Although Wind Power has been around for centuries it's only in recent years became an household buzz as the drive for renewable energy augment. Although the small wind turbine looks like a reproduction of the large version, it's a completely different approach with regulations involving implementation. For residential and urban installation, meeting the requirements are essential. The most important factor is determining whether your site has enough wind, is the wind available consistently and in what season/seasons. The major question is, will you be able to generate the power you'll need?

You'll save valuable time by considering all the requirements involved before committing yourself. It's a different technology requiring different tax treatment, by-laws, environmental assessments, wind studies, inputs/feed backs from your local community. The method of transferring energy by a Small wind turbine system involves a distinct set of mechanism and materials. Do your homework and become comfortable with the requirements.

Home Wind Electricity

large utility-scale wind farms are increasing significantly amongst developed nations providing an alternative, mature technology that is economically competitive, reliable and clean. A large wind farm produces electricity for local utility grids to power commercial and residential blocks. This is how the local utility grid provides it's customers with renewable green energy.

The application around small turbines remain unclear in evidence to the number of large utility scale farms in comparison to the very low number of inner city installations. Therefore, think carefully and do your homework. Google similar projects to get a better, basic understanding of the nature of your endeavor. You'll save money and valuable time from reviewing what works and what don't. By learning from other people's mistakes and favorable outcomes, you'll gain important information enabling you to decide on whether to buy a commercial turbine or build your own small wind turbine.

Build a Wind Generator

Build Wind Turbine
Build Wind Turbine

How to Make Wind Power

The small Wind turbines are classified by their sizes and they are used to power remote stations, farms, residential properties and distant sites where electricity is scarce. Small wind turbines have the capacity to produce electricity ranging from 500 kw to 5 MW with the largest of the small, 100 to 500 kW with the intermediate, 1 - 100 kW with the small and from 300 Watts up to 1000 Watts with the mini turbines.

The spinning blades give the rotor the means that converts the kinetic energy of the wind to power. The power can be stored via batteries,sell to the utility grids and used remotely or on site.

Wind Grid-Tie system:

The wind system is tied directly into the electrical grid via your meter. No batteries are required for storing power. The energy generated from wind powers the property and the extra energy goes into the local utility grid which credit is received for. This is a two-tie process as a Grid-tie system uses the local utility grid as it's back-up source. If not enough power is generated from wind, the local utility will provide whatever amount of power is needed for as long as it's needed.

Wind Grid-Tied system:

This wind system is very similar to the grid-tie but with battery back-up. Energy from the Wind powers the property via circuitry system, power is stored in batteries for household use and back-up batteries for emergencies or off-grid use/events. With this system you can sell to the local utility grid through different options such as selling your extra power or producing for sale using battery banks and uploading to the grid on specified intervals. The process and
techniques can be complex if you don't really understand what to do then consult a professional for implementing such tasks.

A Hybrid system:

The Hybrid system is a combination of solar and wind electricity. It can be completely disconnected from the grid or granted grid access at certain intervals. It's a self sustaining green energy system consisting of wind rotors and solar panels, solar generator and turbine, AC or DC load and a battery bank. The Hybrid system is ideal for regions or isolated communities where grid power is unavailable and solar power is scarce in some seasons. Due to the cloudy, windy conditions in winter, wind turbines are used as back-up to deliver non-intermittent electricity. Most Hybrid systems sell their extra electricity to the local utility grids.

Renewable Green Wind Energy

How to Make Wind Turbine
How to Make Wind Turbine

Building Your Own Wind Turbine

Building a Large wind generator of 2000 Watts or more requires a strong foundation and is too much of an enormous project for discussion on residential applications. However, wind farms are becoming a major source of clean energy supplied by local utility grids.

When building a small wind turbine you'll definitely need to commitment yourself for the duration of the task. You will also need a comfortable garage or shop, basic power tools, basic hand tools and be able to cut and weld steel. A machinist can be hired to turn brake rotors or do little technical stuff where a metal lathe is in need, only if you're not up to the task. Building a small wind generator from scratch is not difficult to do. The DIY video instructions are simple and easy to follow. You'll save on expenses while acquiring a new skill that could be enterprising or priceless to say the least.

The theory behind wind technology is primarily based on wind and speed factors. The higher the generator is placed on the tower, better the performance for increasing power output. The availability of power in the wind climbs by a factor of 8 as the speed of wind doubles. It is very rear to find a small wind turbine mounted high above turbulence where strong power can be produced unless you are uniquely located. The most common speed of wind is 5 - 15 mph which is labelled a gentle wind while stronger winds are very seldom.

Green Energy Sources

Green Free Energy
Green Free Energy

Do It Yourself Wind Turbine Kits

Most DIY kits are designs of robust turbines for producing maximum energy in low wind speeds while capable of enduring the occasional strong, high winds. A couple of critical points to consider are tower height and rotor size. You can increase the power generated with your turbine at least by a factor of 4 just by doubling the rotor size. The height factor doesn't really applied to small wind machines because they are manufactured or built to operate in wind speeds of 5 - 15 mph known as a mild wind. The standard practice of installing a small wind turbine is to mount it on a frame at least twice the height of any obstructions within the immediate area.


Investing in renewable energy is a matter of overcoming the initial cost factor cause the long term benefits are very rewarding. You can save on your electricity bills by using green energy sources. A small wind turbine system produces clean energy, reduces your electricity consumption or dependence on the grid while lowering your utility bills. Some of the wind systems allow you to sell excess energy to the local utility grids. Not having to pay another utility bill ever again is one of the factors that make investing in renewable energy worthwhile.

Green Energy Home

Green Choice for Residential Investment

  • Green Solar Energy
  • Green Wind Energy
  • Green Hybrid energy
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