Replacing Iron Drain Pipe - A Daunting Task Pt 2

Iron Pipe In The Basement
Iron Pipe In The Basement

The Commitment Has Been Made...

As I look with apprehension at what I've just done (cut through the lead pipe that attaches the black iron to the tub, sink and toilet), the realization of the BIG PICTURE finally drops on my shoulders like a ton or two of bricks (and I am very shortly going to find out that a 10 foot length of black iron pipe with attachments weighs about as much as all those bricks), I am remodeling my ENTIRE bathroom and I'm not sure I know how to do all of this by myself.

Then in a moment of clarity brought on by a swig or two of luke warm Full Throttle I remember that with Gods help (and the internet and my wife) I can do ANYTHING.

I will keep referring back to the word "daunting" because this hub is not really about how to replace black iron drain pipe, as just about anyone with the ability to read and more than 4 ounces of motivation can complete this task, it is more about coming to the realization that YES I really can do the home improvement project on my own and whats more, I can do it well.

So now I have an open drainage system that deprives me of three essential facilities in this home, no toilet, no shower and no hand washing sink.

I did leave the kitchen sink and drain intact because I wanted access to water in case of an urgent situation like a minor flesh wound or a need for an eye wash.

One thing that strikes me as odd is that the more "stuff" I pull out, the easier this job seems to be.

The lead pipe and the iron pipe will be replaced with PVC pipe and PVC fittings bringing the gross weight of the entire replacement drainage system to a total of less that 1/10 the weight of the monstrosity I pulled out of there (whew!).

This fact alone allows a feeling of peace and tranquility to wash over me because only about 7 days have passed since me and an unlucky friend of mine managed to lower that unholy iron monster from it's perch in the rafters down to the basement floor.

I suppose I could have handeled the lowering busisness a little diffrently (you know, more safely) than I did but I am a guy and as EVERYBODY knows... guys know everything.

So there I was, positioned under 135,000 lbs (or so) of black iron pipe, while standing on a rusted out steel lawn chair that has lived outside longer than I have been alive, getting ready to cut the two band straps that were holding the whole she-bang to the ceiling... I think I was planning on catching it but then I had another thought (one that didn't involve dying).

Safety is ALWAYS a concern for me so I took a red ratchet strap (without the rachet) and wrapped it around the pipe with the loose end threaded through a hole in the floor and being held (securely) by my buddy Stephen (you remember, my unlucky friend).

You may have guessed, I did not die and you can tell by the pictures that the iron pipe made it to the floor in one piece but I promise you, this story is far from being over.

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snakeslane profile image

snakeslane 5 years ago from Canada

The suspense is killing me.

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