Replacing a Light Fixture

Replacing the Light

When you go to replace your ceiling light or replace it with a ceiling fan the steps can be fairly easy as long as you are prepared. Know what your getting yourself into.

Recently I replaced a living room light with a ceiling fan. So the step I give you will help you along your way.

Turn off the power to the room you will be working on. This means at the breaker. Sometimes the way rooms are wired you may have to completely switch off the whole house.

Afterward,  take off the globe if your light has one and set it somewhere it won't get broke. Then remove the bulb. After this you will look for two screws. These screws are the ones that hold the light fixture to the ceiling. Unscrew these and carefully lower it.

The wires should then be exposed allowing you to undo the orange or yellow things covering them. They look like cones in a way. After removing those, you can separate the wires and remove the fixture completely.

If you are installing a ceiling fan reading the directions to put it together are a must. Just remember if you have three wires on the fan the blue and the black can be put together on the main black wire and the white goes with white.

If you are just replacing with another light fixture, having someone hold the light fixture to allow you to hook the wires together can come in handy. Black with Black, White with White. That is how the wires goes. And the ground wire that is attached to just a screw can be attached to a screw on the main housing in the ceiling. Make sure to cover the wires so they do not touch once power is back on. This can be done with electrical tape or those cone shaped things I told you to take off.

Once you have all the wires connected, you can begin to install the light. Using the previous screws align them and begin to screw them in to hold the fixture.

Now put the bulb in and attach the globe again and you can turn your lights back on to see a job well done.


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