Resin Wicker Furniture Review - Whitney Design 5601 Resin Wicker Hamper

Resin wicker furniture comes in many shapes and sizes, all the way from outdoor dining furniture sets and patio furniture down to arm chairs, lounge chairs and even clothes hampers. This should not surprise anyone - wicker, regardless of whether it is made from natural plant materials like rattan or plastic resin is strong and durable yet lightweight. Wicker baskets have long been used in many households to hold laundry awaiting washing. While light, spacious and sturdy, they take up more space than necessary due to their circular cross section. For this reason, some people prefer box-shaped hampers. Whitney is one company that makes resin wicker hampers catering to these customers.

Whitney Design 5601 Resin Wicker Hamper

The Whitney Design 5601 resin wicker hamper has a square cross section (14 inches wide) and is 26 inches deep. It is big enough to hold quite a lot of laundry. That said, remember that it is wicker, so the sides will bow out a little as you fill it up. Because the inside of this resin wicker hamper is lined with canvas, some people like to line it with a plastic laundry bag to prevent the inside of the Whitney hamper from becoming stained from dirty clothes.

The Whitney resin wicker hamper has a lid on top to keep your dirty clothes from spilling out accidentally. The lid is kept closed with a strip of velcro so there is no fumbling around with buttons or cords like you see with some hamper designs. Hampers with lids are something that people who live alone greatly appreciate. They can easily carry their clothes to the laundry room in their apartments without having to show off their unmentionables to their nosy neighbors. They do not have to worry about accidentally dropping and losing various items of clothing.

The lid of the Whitney resin wicker hamper is also stiff enough that you can temporarily set thing on top of it for a short while. Just remember that the hamper is made from wicker and is not meant to be used as a table.

To aid in carrying the hamper around, the Whitney resin wicker hamper has cord handles in the front and back of the hamper. The good thing is that the cord is quite durable. The downside is that the handles are in the front and back rather than the sides. This means you have to close the lid to use the handles. Some people do find this inconvenient.

This piece of resin wicker furniture from Whitney is made from tightly woven resin wicker. It is light and sturdy and easily folds flat for storage whenever you do not need to use it. It is well-made and looks nice and classy. The quality of this resin wicker hamper is quite good despite being made in China. It certainly looks like Whitney, unlike many other companies, actually takes care to maintain high standards of quality control in their overseas factories. Consumers get the best of both worlds - low price and high quality.

Whitney resin wicker hamper is one item of resin wicker furniture that both looks good and does what it is designed to do well. Quality is good and it is built sturdily. If you use it with care, it will last you a long time. If you ever have to take your laundry out of your home, you will greatly appreciate the convenience.

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