Review of One Kings Lane – A Trend Setter in Home Goods Flash Sales

One of my favorite places to look for stylish furniture and home goods at discounted prices is One Kings Lane, a web site started in 2008 by retail and marketing gurus Susan Feldman and Alison Gelb Pincus. Seeing an opportunity to capitalize on a broken and fragmented furniture market, Feldman and Pincus capitalized on the flash sale model of sites like Gilt Groupe and brought it into home furnishings. The business, whose customer base grew from an email blast of family and friends, has grown to be a leader in the home goods flash sale category. Here is a review of One Kings Lane and some of the great things that the company offers.

Designer names that are epitomize cheap-chic

A key difference between One Kings Lane and other traditional discount home stores is its ability to source from a number of designers across categories. A look at today’s web page shows offerings (cleverly called “Tastemaker Tag Sales”) by Ferrick Mason and Claudia Benvenuto, as well as a pillow collection by Jennifer Adams. The collections selected by One Kings Lane feel like they have a true point of view and offer something that uniquely speaks the brand, separating it from a “whatever we can get our hands on” feel of other flash sale sites.

This blanket, made of bamboo fibers, is one of my favorite purchases from One Kings Lane. Even after 2 years it still looks and feels great!
This blanket, made of bamboo fibers, is one of my favorite purchases from One Kings Lane. Even after 2 years it still looks and feels great!

Telling the story from start to finish

One Kings Lane is unique from quite a few flash sale sites in that they really make you feel like you are shopping a home experience versus a bargain basement. The page offers a “Get Inspired” section around decorating, entertaining, and stylish bargain hunting that can make any home look dynamite. It also offers a number of articles with adventures in home decorating and tips to make any home look like it was decorated with an endless budget. It’s as if Marie Claire took off her apron and dove into the pages of Vanity Fair.

A wide range of products and price points, truly offering “something for everyone”

The diverse collections of products that One Kings Lane offers allow customers to find something that fits them, no matter what their style. Each time you open the site, there’s a variety of product types, colors, and design elements that can contribute to a wide variety of styles and decors. Over the past two years, I have seen products from a wide range of categories, including traditional dishware and bedding, beautiful furniture, pop art, stationery, and gifts for holidays. Price points range drastically across the site as well – while everything is at a discount, and you can find pieces for $50 or less, there are also pieces that sell for $1000 or more. Each product that I have purchased from One Kings Lane stays in great condition over time, and really feels like a “statement” piece in the room where it’s located.

If you are looking for something new and different for your home, check out One Kings Lane and see what you find. Happy shopping!

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Comments 23 comments

Mrs M Greene 5 years ago

I tried to look at the on-line catalogue but was blocked unless I 'joined'. Why is this?

I have never come across this situation before. As I have no intention of 'joining' I guess I will have to remain ignorant of what is on offer. A pity.

SuziQ 5 years ago

Can't believe that they don't even allow you to look at what they're selling. Like Ms Greene, I'm won't go any further. Too bad for me AND them as I'm soon going to be redoing my living room and I'm seriously looking at options.

Dina 4 years ago

I agree. I'm not giving them my information until I know if I want their services. The world is full of good deals for those who look and they don't ask for my email until I am ready to send them money.

egads 4 years ago

I was excited to look around and possibly purchase. I even went so far as to give them my 'junk email address'. You know the one some of us have in our back pockets that has become so overrun with junk mail we don't even check it anymore? But when the site wouldn't allow me to look at its user terms and agreements, but just merely wanted me to blindly check the box and move along, I was not so excited anymore. I hit the back button and erased my email address... Bye, bye One Kings Lane. Don't trust you.

rr 4 years ago

the site is a total ripp off. The first 5 items looked at I was able to find on amazon for much cheaper.

kate 4 years ago

was very disappointed with my first was described as a vintage item and made of oak....when I received it... it was new and made of plastic! I filed a complaint and am waiting a response.....I will not purchase another item till it is resolved!

Jo 4 years ago

I purchased Dutch Touch paintings recommended by Nate Turner. They are laughably bad - at least that's what everyone does when they see them. And they weren't cheap. Disappointed doesn't come close to what I feel.

Rachel 4 years ago

BUYER BEWARE Do not bother with One King's Lane. It used to be a great site where you could purchase one of a kind items at great prices but now it's evolved into a regular rip off. I purchased a bed thinking that it was a great deal, they advertised that it was over 700 off the list price. When I received the shipping confirmation, they included the manufacturer name of the bed. Sadly, when I googled the bed, I discovered that the list price of the bed was much less than advertised and the price on other websites was considerably less that what I paid. When I contacted One King's Lane they responded "we don't advertise that we have the lowest price". What a horrible way to respond to a consumer. I overpaid for a bed that I could have purchased for less elsewhere and it's non returnable on One King's Lane. I also have to wait a month for the bed for absolutely no reason. THERE IS NO REASON to buy average goods at One Kings Lane. It really is sad when greed ruins a good thing.

Jennifer 4 years ago

Do not purchase from this site!!!! I've attempted several purchases from this site and the majority were defective, damaged or not as described. I ordered a vintage kantha quilt which did not in any way resemble the picture, and it smelled of complete filth. On a separate sale, I ordered two rugs, one of which is not cut square, the other is missing several stitches. Both of these items were supposed to be brand new. A set of plaques arrived with shattered glass. OKL has basically ignored all customer services inquiries on my part. I had purchased all of the above items within days of each other, and had not yet received any merchandise of I would not have continued to patronize this site. As others have mentioned, a quick Google search on a many of their items leads to Amazon where the prices are comparable if not better. The site could be amazing, but it is really just a scam.

Gloria 4 years ago

THank you- I clicked on a link on facebook- and like many of you am reluctant to share my e-mail address with another company- (too many emails already) and after reading the reviews- will definetly not join.

cakequeen 4 years ago

I have shopped with OKL for over a year. In the early days there were some great deals. I have watched the prices go up over the past year and some of the prices are ridiculous. Today, for instance, I see some chinese calligraphy brushes selling for over $200 and the site says they are marked down from $400. I kow for a fact that this is a major rip off. I have some of these brushes that I purchased in Santa Monica a few years ago for abour $20. each and they are on sale at ebay for less. I also see rugs prices marked down that can be bought for less at retail prices. I've had to return items because they were not as described. I think the company and the vendors are getting greedy and marking prices way up while stating they are discounted. I guess this works when there are so many people signed up who don't really know. I have purchased some substantial items over $1000 in the past. I won't do that any more after seeing the dishonest mark ups.

NotAnIdiot 4 years ago

This site is nothing but a front for gathering email and matching names to sell your info over and over. They sell cheap chinese junk that you can find anywhere on the premise that it is "so chic". This is a typical data mining site with 'junk' as a front to gather the info. Obviously a huge advertizing budget to but their crap-wear out there everywhere. Don't fall for this bull; be an educated buyer and run these shysters out of business!

zuniblue 4 years ago

I have shopped with them and if the price is too high I just don't buy it. I buy what I think is reasonable. I had an item delivered and it was damaged in shipping and they were extremely cooperative. Got a full refund.

AB 4 years ago

I have got 4 wrong items since last Sep. so far. Their customer service is not good. Poor quality. I can't recommend OKL.

Anon 4 years ago

I use several of this type of sites. But I have to say that their discounts are hugely inflated. I've have often been able to find the exact same item either on the retailer's site or other sites for the same price or about 5% or 10% more. They seriously mark up the retail price to make it seem like you're getting a huge discount when you're really only getting a discount of 5-15%.

Smf 4 years ago

I made my first and last purchase on OKL. Indeed, as other express it is Chinese junk for an inflated price. Is is not a reduced by $250 item as they advertise. Beyond, it is such a heavy mirror that it cannot be hung without risking tearing up my wall. I expressed by dissatisfaction and the response I got was too bad, we don't accept returns. There wascnominformation listed that it was an over 50 lb item that could not be easily hung on a wall. It is more for commercial/industrial use. I had no way of knowing that fact before receiving it. They are not user friendly and clearly do not care about establishing good relationships with their customers.

Apparently they are in it for the quick financial returns. We'll see if they remain around for very long. Meanwhile I'm stuck with an unusable product that was marketed as an expensive chic designer craft accessory that is instead a poor quality unusable worthless piece of junk.

Jennylynn 4 years ago

They shipped my item knowing it was broken, you could tell whoever packed it all in bubble wrap knew the leg was broke off of it. $55 isn't that bad a lesson on this site's idea of customer service, still no email response, not even an automated one!

Susan 4 years ago

Stay away from OneKingsLane. I really tried to give this website/merchandise the benfit of the doubt....but after 6 different orders, I've given up. The merchandise is crap and cannot be returned. Problems range from them not show all sides of the product (vases with one side lovely-the other side cheap scribble printed on the other), scarves only printed on one side, expensive bags that have cardboard bottoms, etc. STAY AWAY FROM THIS is misleading on all fronts. I can believe I've wasted my hard earned money purchasing merchandise from them.

Kathy Jean 4 years ago

I will not be submitting a lot of personal info just to take a LOOK to see if I even wish to continue with this site. The people in charge are blowing it for this co.

mary sue 4 years ago

I have found the occasional nice thing at a reasonable price, but if you don't "join" you aren't really missing any bargains -- it's one of those places where the price you are getting a discount from it jacked up ridiculously high before your "discount" is shown. Most stuff is offered at a price that I consider retail. Also, there's not a lot of variety.

anna 4 years ago

I am happy with OKL but I have purchased few things so far like drinking glasses and candle holders.I am disappointed because one of the day the sale just began and almost all stuff was sold out immediately.How I could even have chance to look at it?

ncjdh77 4 years ago

Buyer beware! I ordered place mats from this company. They were prints that had been laminated. They were not the correct size for a placemat. I can't return them as they were 'final' sale. I will not order from them again!

martha 4 years ago

Beware! the photographs of items and the descriptions are misleading. Unless you can afford to throw your money away do not buy anything marked "Final Sale"

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