Unique Shower Heads and Other Bathroom Gadgets

More "Potty" Adventures

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better than heated seats that closed automatically, those crazy "potty" animals created a shower experience to match!

Wireless Digital Shower
Wireless Digital Shower

Wireless Digital Shower

Wouldn't you love to just wake up and with your wireless remote turn on your shower and adjust the temperature so that it will be hot and ready in the morning? Well, now you can with the Wireless Digital Shower. This wonderful device actually lets you set the flow rate of the water via a control panel, and has advanced technology that instantly reacts to any change in water pressure. No more scalding hot or icy cold surges as the dishwasher or washing machine turns on.

Grohe's Freehander double-head shower system
Grohe's Freehander double-head shower system

Double-Head Shower

It's a showerhead, no it's a body spray... it's both! Two shower heads sit on one tubular arm that pivots 180 degrees to direct the water flow up like a showerhead, or down like a body spray. This fun showerhead even rotates 360 degrees, offering wide pulsating sprinkler like spray patterns. No more boring one way showers, the Double-Head Shower will make "singing in the rain" the ultimate shower experience.

An Umbrella Look for the shower
An Umbrella Look for the shower

Shapely Showerheads

Now, space age d├ęcor is brought to the shower making it look more like a transport chamber. These aerodynamic shapes being used as showerheads are newly evolving on the bathroom scene. Available in chrome, 18-karat gold, satin nickel, polished nickel or stainless steel, they are adding that "bling" to the shower that everyone wants to be "so fresh and so clean."

Moving on to the sink with the Aquatic Theater

" Maybe it's a Zen thing -- the fascination with flowing water. Put the pastime to use with Kohler's two-piece Paradox lavatory: Resting on an 18-inch-diameter cast-iron basin, a surface panel creates aquatic theater until the perimeter channel directs water to the drain beneath. Mix and match basin and panel from 16 colors to create a personalized design that doubles as extra countertop space when you turn the tap off. What other bath sink can do that?"

The Aquatic Theater
The Aquatic Theater
Automatic Bath Control
Automatic Bath Control

Now for the Ultimate Bathing Experience, Automatic Bath

Waiting for the tub to fill up can be a time consuming and stressful experience, but not anymore. The Ondine ESS-Tub Control prepares your bath for you.

Just program the control module and walk away, when you return your bath will be just how you ordered it. The unit also runs 10 second refills to supplement your soak. Perfect water level and temperature every time is what you will get with this bathroom gadget.

Now for the Creme de la Creme, The Dual-Purpose Television Mirror

Start your day not only well groomed, but well informed with the Seura television mirror. This new gadget allows you to apply your make-up or brush your teeth while you check up on the lastest news.

This 13 inch LCD television screen, when activated, is visible as a window within the mirror. When the television is off you see only the mirror reflection, but when it is on you can catch up on all your favorite TV shows. Come face to face with your favorite star right in the confines of your own bathroom.

Bathroom Quotes to live by

"How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on."

"If I want to be alone, some place I can write, I can read, I can pray, I can cry, I can do whatever I want - I go to the bathroom." Alecia Keys

"I grew up with six brothers. That's how I learned to dance - waiting for the bathroom." Bob Hope

"My kids always perceived the bathroom as a place where you wait it out until all the groceries are unloaded from the car." Erma Bombeck

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PenmanZee profile image

PenmanZee 8 years ago

Very cool Doghse. Any idea on price tag? Secondly, for those with an electrical component, can I be sure when I hear, "bzzzzz" I will not end up a crispy cinder?

In The Doghouse profile image

In The Doghouse 8 years ago from California Author

Good Morning Penman,

These items are a little pricey, to say the least. The links to the items in the HUB will give you all the details if you are considering upgrading your bathroom experience. They are truly meant for the bathroom connoisseur. It does seem a little odd to be using electical items near water, now doesn't it?

calrigby 8 years ago

awesome gadgets!

In The Doghouse profile image

In The Doghouse 8 years ago from California Author

Thanks for the review, Calrigby!

whitton profile image

whitton 5 years ago

Great Hub. These are pretty awesome. I love the digital ones! I want one!

FLUSSIG profile image

FLUSSIG 5 years ago

There are constant updates on the digital front when it comes to faucets. Many systems now even incorporate mood lighting.

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