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The world of cockroaches is a complex one. They have survived from prehistoric days due to their ingenious body design. Surprisingly, it is a good thing that roaches are around; they clean up all sorts of gross things that nobody wants to touch.

However, a roach in your home is another matter altogether. They spread disease of every kind by touching virtually everything in your home. For example, if there is a dead animal around, they'll feed on it and then go and crawl on your counter tops and pantry items. They are even cannibalistic by eating their own kind. This makes them extremely hardy and tough to get rid of.

If you live in California, Texas, Florida, or Louisiana, you especially know just how difficult it is to get rid of cockroaches. They love hot humid weather and their breeding improves drastically in hot weather. In addition, roaches in warm areas tend to be larger, healthier, and even fly better with some having a one foot wingspan (not typical for your home).

Ways to Kill Roaches

There are countless ways to kill roaches and the effectiveness varies considerably. Most mass marketed techniques are actually some of the least effective roach control methods. It is all a matter of economics as there is little money in a one time inexpensive solutions.


The most popular way to kill roaches is with a spray. The sprays are typically a poison derived from either chlorine or fluorine. The best thing about a spray is the extremely low cost to manufacture and disseminate. Most exterminators love to spray for two reasons: 1- They can spray a lot of area for very little cost and 2- They will need to come back on a monthly or quarterly basis insuring more visits ($). This a one of the dirty little secrets of the extermination community. A spray will eliminate a portion of the roach community, but it can not create a roach-free home. There are multiple reasons for this.

Roaches hide in toekicks, in walls, in the water heater, and every other nook and cranny that exists. Is it possible for an exterminator to spray every single area? The roaches that walk on the spray will be harmed, but many more will continue to hide and reproduce. It doesn't take a lot of area for some cockroaches to continue to give you a never ending supply. The bottom line is an exterminator just can't get to where all the roaches are. It is best to consider spraying as penny wise and pound foolish.

Boric Acid Dust

Boric acid is a naturally occurring element in nature. It is a white powder that is excellent for killing insects. The powder sticks to the insects exoskeleton and helps to scrape off the waxy outer covering (the cuticle). There are borate mines that supply the powder. It is inexpensive to purchase and you can get it at many big box stores.

There are, however, a couple of problems with boric acid. While it is effective and low cost, it is also a bit dangerous as a dust and difficult to apply correctly. Like using insecticidal sprays, the dust must be applied where the roaches walk. This is a difficult thing to ascertain. The only roaches that will be eliminated are those that walk into the dust. If the dust is too thick, the roaches avoid it and if too thin, it wont work. Most homeowners put on the dust way too thick and the cockroaches go around it. The ideal application of dust is so thin you can barely see it with the naked eye.

The dust is dangerous when you breathe it and can be fatal. Most homes have air conditioning and heating systems that blow from a central furnace. When the furnace blows air, the dust can then get into the air for you to breathe in. The dust can also get into your eyes.

Boric acid dust does have a place in roach termination. The best way to use it is to drill a hole into the toekicks and blow it into the void with a special fan. The dark and damp voids in walls and under cabinets are the best places. This seals in the dust and eliminates the prime breeding grounds.

Most homes do not need the boric acid dust. It is best used for heavy infestations as a good bait can most often do what you need.


Roach Bait is known industry wide as the only real way to eliminate cockroaches. The reason is that the roaches smell it and take it back to feed the other roaches. Thus, the important need of knowing where they all are is now solved. To eliminate cockroaches, you have to get rid of the nest. This is best accomplished by roaches bringing poison back to the nest. The live young are fed the roach bait and now you get complete termination. Without a doubt, roach bait is the best approach a person can use to have a roach free home. You no longer have to accurately guess where every single roach is hiding.

There are mostly two kinds of roach bait. You can purchase a white paste called MRF 2000 or a Gel called Maxforce. MRF 2000 is the preferred bait for a couple of reasons: 1- It is less toxic to humans and 2- It is much more cost effective. You can purchase one ounce of gel (30 grams) for about $27.00 or pay $59 for a 20 ounce container of MRF 2000. If MRF 2000 was the same price per ounce as the gel, the cost would be about $540.00 for one container. The people that invented MRF 2000, Bill and Susie Stapleton invented MRF 2000 because they soon realized that it would cost a fortune to treat their rental properties with the gel. In addition, the gel is an actual poison derived in a factory while MRF 2000 is 33% boric acid and 66% roach attractant. If you check with the EPA you will see that boric acid is very pretty benign to humans except when breated in and that's why it is a perfect product when made into a bait. To illustrate the point, Silly Putty is made with boric acid.

Now, you can be armed with the best way to eliminate cockroaches. MRF 2000 is by far the best product available.

Dumb Ways

Don't feel bad if you have tried one of the dumb ways; we all have. There are aerosol sprays, roach traps, and electronic approaches that just don't work at all. Roach traps are actually just to find out where the roach concentrations are. The aerosol sprays are about as effective as using a hammer or shoe. And, electronic approaches are a detterent, but not a real solution. Fumigation works quite well, but you have to fumigate your home. And, what happens when someone brings another roach into your home? FUMIGATE AGAIN!

Best Solution

The best way to get roaches out of your home for good is a good roach bait and our research clearly shows MRF 2000 is the best.

Roach Bait Jar 20 Ounce

20 Ounce Jar of MRF 2000 Roach Bait
20 Ounce Jar of MRF 2000 Roach Bait | Source

Home Made Roach Bait Recipe 1

  • 2 cups Borax
  • 1 cup Powdered Sugar


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Cockroach Nutrition

Nutrition Facts
Serving size: 100 Gram Cockroach
Calories 125
Calories from Fat72
% Daily Value *
Fat 8 g12%
Protein 20 g40%
* The Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, so your values may change depending on your calorie needs. The values here may not be 100% accurate because the recipes have not been professionally evaluated nor have they been evaluated by the U.S. FDA.

Home Made Roach Bait

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