Roof Restoration

Roof restoration should be a part of regular home maintenance.  The regularity with which restoration must be done depends on a number of factors, including the area in which you live, the type of roof that you have and the roof's age.  This process is designed not simply to protect a home's roof; it will also help protect the home itself.  Leaks or damage to a roof can cause a great deal of damage to the structure of a house, resulting in problems that are expensive to repair and can ultimately be detrimental to your health.  Though the homeowner can do some aspects of roof restoration, a full restoration treatment is best left to professionals.

The first step in most roof restorations is the washing of a roof with a high-powered hose.  This will clean not only the surface of the roof, but any cracks between shingles or other roofing materials.  Washing is necessary to remove any debris that may be deposited during wind or rainstorms, which can wear away at roofs causing premature wear.  The best cleanings include the removal of any fungus or moss that may be growing on the roof or below it.  Not only can this fungus damage the roof itself, it can infect a home, ruining the walls and harming the inhabitants. 

After the washing has been completed, most restoration companies will closely examine the roof for specific areas that exhibit signs of wear.  Cracked shingles, if left unreplaced, can allow water to leak into a home, causing damage to the walls and facilitating the growth of mold.  In most cases, regular restoration can eliminate the need to completely replace a roof, dealing instead with problems as they arise.

The last step in the process usually involves sealing the roof with a synthetic compound.  This synthetic coating is designed to extend the life of the roof and make it a less hospitable place for fungus growth.  After this compound has been applied, a homeowner will typically have a few years before another restoration treatment must be scheduled.

The area in which you live will help determine how often this process must be done.  In temperate areas of the country that receive heavy amounts of rain and snow yearly, roof restoration must be done more frequently than for areas where rainfall is rare and winds tend to be moderate.  Most companies do offer free estimates, which can help homeowners determine whether they would benefit from this important service.

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Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

Great home project for the spring or summer. Very useful info, thank you!

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