Round Cushions For Chairs

It is not always that easy to find the right size, and right style of round cushions for chairs. Even when you do find round cushions, you do have to be careful to ensure that you get the right sized cushion as otherwise it will not sit properly on the chair. There are several standard sized cushions; common sizes are 13", 14", 15", 16" and 18".

If you need a fairly sturdy and long-lasting cushion you should look into the indoor-outdoor cushions. Most of these are UV treated, so they will not fade which is great if you have chairs sitting in direct sunlight, even if inside a room. They are usually made out of either polyester or some other weather resistant material, which means that they are also generally stain and mold resistant also. Of course, covers can be made from a variety of different materials, however it is suggested that you choose a fairly sturdy material for a chair seat cover, as it is sure to get a lot of use.

There are many different styles of cushions. Some have a standard box edge, where the hems of the material is sewn and is folded inside the cushion, this is the most basic type of finish. You can also choose either a double cord or single cord edging. With the double cord edging, piping circles around the top seam as well as the bottom seam. You will usually see this style used for cushions that are thicker and that have a definite width. Softer, smaller cushions usually have piping sewn around the one seam.

Normally these are filled with foam, with the foam thickness depending on the style and size of the pillow. Other alternatives used for filling the cushion include soft filling, which is often a material such as Styrofoam pieces. A cushion with a soft filling generally needs to be quite a bit thicker than one filled with foam, especially if it is to be placed on the bottom of a chair. Outdoor cushions often have a layered polyester filling as that does not retain water like foam does.

One key component of round chair cushions is ties. Without ties, it is very easy for the cushions to slip from the chair, but with ties it can be secured to the seat. Usually ties should be around eight to ten inches long, and they are usually made from the same material as the cushion cover. Two ties are the minimum amount needed and these are usually placed at the back of the pillow. To secure it more firmly four ties; two at the back and two at the front, are best.

There are several online firms offering round cushions for chairs, and most of these companies will ship directly to you. Usually, ordering is fairly simple with many sites allowing you to choose your fabric and your specifications on site. If you do order round cushions online you should be aware that sometimes the color you choose may not exactly match what you receive, due to differences between monitors and the way they show color. If an exact match on color is important for you, you may want to either ask for material samples to be sent to you, or purchase from a regular shop.

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