Rubber Backed Plank Flooring - A Good Laminate Option?

What exactly is rubber backed plank flooring? If you are in the market for a new floating, laminate floor, you may want to check out this option before you go out and buy the boards without the attached pad. You will find that there are many positive aspects to buying this type of laminate system as you look at installing a floating floor in your home or cabin. You can go with or without an attached pad laminate, but it may be helpful to look what the benefits of rubber backed plank flooring are, so you can make an informed decision.

High Quality: The attached pad on rubber backed plank flooring is generally high quality. You will notice that most have a blue pad attached and that the padding itself is thicker than the cheap stuff. This is by design. The foam backing on this type of floor system is thicker than most and provides a long lasting effect. The quality is apparent when you compare side by side.

Vapor Barrier: The main reason that rubber backed plank flooring is so popular, is the high quality vapor barrier protection it offers. That’s ultimately what makes the pad necessary, whether it’s attached or unattached to the boards.

Speed of Installation: If you plan to install this floating laminate on your own, you will find that it speeds up the process considerably. Without having to lay a pad vapor barrier separately, the project moves along fast, so you have time to work on other things. It’s a really great benefit to consider.

Price of Professional Installation: Attached pad laminate goes down quickly for those that are looking to install on their own. This means it’s quicker for the pros, too. You can save money on installation costs if you buy rubber backed plank flooring for your home remodeling project.

Competitive Price: You will pay a little more than you would for the same laminate with an unattached pad, but not by much. In some cases, it will actually be less. This means that rubber backed plank flooring can be more convenient, and cheap in many cases. This is great news when you are looking to get by without spending too much.

Long Warranty: You will find that pretty much every maker of rubber backed plank flooring offers a better warranty on that floating laminate, than on most of the other floors they offer for sale. You will appreciate the additional coverage if you ever have any issues with the floor.

Main Benefits to Attached Pad Laminate Flooring

While there are several, the speed on installation is one of the biggest benefits. In addition, the total cost is often less and the quality is often superior. For these reasons, this type of flooring is a great choice for any DIY person looking to upgrade their home or office.

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