Rubber Type Floor-Care and Seal

Rubber Type Floor-Care and waxing

Rubber Type Floor- Daily Care and waxing

Rubber type of floor can be found in many places such as in the elevators or staircase.

Daily Care

1: Dust mop or vacuum daily or as needed.

2: Mop with neutral cleaner.

For Occasional Scrubbing

1: Dust mop or vacuum the floor.

2: Scrub with deck brush, or floor machine/buffer and use either red or green pad with neutral cleaner. Note: If the floor surface area is not even, try using brush attachment on your floor machine/buffer, instead of pads.

3: Rinse off and let it dry.

For laying a coat of finish on it.

Do this only with old surface and do a small area sample first before doing the whole area.

1: Dust mop the floor thoroughly.

2: Scrub with strong degreaser or if you have any finish on the floor already, use stripper with green or blue pad and strip off the old wax first.

3: Rinse with PH neutralizer in the rinsing mop bucket.

4: Let the floor dry completely.

5: Put first coat of finish.

Note: To make the edges clean and neat, use painters blue tape to tape off the edges and corners.

Note: If you are working on a staircase, vertical side does not need to be waxed. Tape off the vertical lines clean before you lay the finish on horizontal surface only. If there is any non-skid pad glued on to the edge of the horizontal edge of the step, you must cover it with painter's tape first, before laying the finish.

5: Let the finish dry completely.

6: Put second coat of finish and let it dry.

Note: 2 coast should be sufficient. If you want to you can lay more coats.

7: Do not let anyone walk on it for 3-4 hours.

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