Pipe Straightening
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Plumbing in Industry

Plumbers who work in homes seldom have this problem but plumbers in industry (who are also known as pipefitters) are often confronted with pipe sections that have been distorted when small brackets have been added by welding.

Using a heating torch skillfully can remedy the situation and allow the section to be installed to specifications.

Steel pipes as a rule are reasonably straight, but when ex posed to welding, they can distort to an excessive degree.

Here is the procedure to follow for a successful straightening.

Make a secure set-up is the first important step before torch heating.

A secure set up is a critical requirement and must not be overlooked.

Valuable time can be lost if an attempt is made to flame straighten a bent pipe of this
nature by applying a few hot shots on a trial basis.

This is the wrong approach and will compound the degree of bend rather than eliminate it.

The pipe must be fastened in both a flat and lateral position.

Essentially the work must be brought to the desired position by clamping before heating.

Since the welding is responsible for the bend, apply the
heat to the surface diametrically opposite to the weld. The wall thickness of
pipes is generally quite thin, so the width of the hot shot must be minimal.
The length should be similar to the length of the weld and of course a light
cherry red temperature. [1000f].

When the work cools off and the fasteners have been removed, the pipe should remain straight.


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