Samsung Washing Machine

Sterilize over 650 types of bacteria using Samsung Washing Machines. If you are shopping for a washing machine, the Samsung line of washing machines may interest you, especially with the latest line of Silver Nano washing machines. The Silver Nano range of washing machines from Samsung is using silver nano technology to eliminate germs and bacteria during washing and to protect the clothes and the wearer from bacteria up to 30 days.

Samsung new line of washing machines also feature a new unique Diamond Drum with smaller water holes and softer edges which prevents your clothes from getting entangled or damaged by the moving metal parts of the washing machine, which happens with certain brands of washing machines.

Generally Samsung produces a high quality washer and has many innovative features such as the Silver Nano technology and the newly designed diamond drum which helps you to prevent damage to the clothes. There is also a new feature called the Double Storm pulsator. This feature has allowed Samsung to achieve stronger and deeper cleaning by combining horizontal and vertical water currents in the washing machine drum. This will allow a tangle free cleaning by the 2 powerful water currents.

How Samsung Washing Machines Work?

When the washing cycle starts and water starts to fill up in the washing drum, the water will electrolyzed the silver (99.9% pure silver) in the washing machine drum to produce AG+ or Silver Nano ions. The AG+ is a highly powerful anti-bacterial ion and will eliminate the bacteria present in your clothes. On top of that, the silver ions will even bond to the clothes to continue to protect you from environmental bacteria.

Samsung washing machines have generally received many positive feedback in consumers’ surveys and feedback. It has been reported to clean well, it has minimal vibration and the noise level is very low. Samsung has realized that the ultimate washing machine have to incorporate state of the art technology such as its Silver Nano technology with innovative design, like the unique diamond drum which ensures that your clothes do not get damage with its gentler edges. In this way, you get clean, germ free clothes that are also more lasting as they are handled by the machine gently.

Samsung 5-Step System

SAMSUNG also has a unique 5-step System that will combine its technology in a way that is designed to clean your clothes faster and gentler. In the first step, your Samsung washing machine will deep soak with less water to keep the detergent concentrated. In the second step, there is continual soaking with gentler currents to allow permeation of the detergent into the fibers of the fabric. In the next step, water current is driven in to dissolve the dirt from your clothing. Step four will see the tornado like storm pulsator water currents remove the dirt and stains from your clothes. Finally the last step will remove the water rapidly to prevent the dirt from recontaminating your clean clothes.

The combination of technology and well thought out processes to gently clean your clothes brings about a washing machine that is popular with households and Samsung washing machines reviews have proven like-wise.


The Samsung WF328AAR or the WF328AAG will get your clothes washed as sparkling as possible with the SilverCare technology, even if bleach is not added. The washing cycle will also be very quiet thanks to the VRT (Vibration Reduction Technology) which will reduces the vibrations even at a speed of 1,200 revolutions per seconds. Not only is there power to thoroughly clean your clothes, you will be assured that your family and your neighbors will not be disturbed during the powerful wash.


But if you have a large family to take care of, you may want to consider the WF448AAP or WF448AAW which has an extra large capacity to take care of that King sized comforter you have at home. You can also keep your mind and wallet at ease as the large capacity washer has also been awarded with the Energy Star, so you know that you will not be seeing a large electricity bill alongside that extra large washing capacity.

Samsung produces a number of washing machines which fits different needs and you can check out to learn more about the efficient Samsung washing machines available.

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