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San Jose Condos are quite fascinating because San Jose itself is regarded as the safest big city in the United States of America. San Jose is also the 10th biggest city in the United States and if you are looking for a crime-free city to get a Condo, then you should look nowhere else. San Jose has the lowest crime rate among cities with population of more than 500,000 people. Condos in San Jose is ideal for individuals who wants facilities associated with big cities and at the same time have a feel of a slow-pace town. There are lots of activities within this serene big city and you can get Condos for sale San Jose Ca easily on the internet.

Some of the hottest San Jose ca condos can be found in the hottest properties which include; Almaden Walk, The 88, and CityHeights. Almaden walk comprises of some of the best Condos you can find in San Jose. Located at south of Willow Glen and dynamic downtown San Jose, these new Condos San Jose properties have several features and facilities that make them unique. They are particularly close to several parks, shopping, dining & entertainment, Nearby Light Rail transportation, and Two-car attached garage for each Condo. San Jose Condos in Almaden walk are made up of 3 bedrooms and 3 ½ baths. They are close to some stylish Spanish-designed town homes and measures around 1,282 to 1,793 sq. ft. You can also have access to $60,000 city down payment assistance when you make a serious bid for any of these Condos.

Villa Fontana is made up of some of the popular and exclusive San Jose condos for sale. With prices ranging from $300,000 per unit and there are several new phases of constructions going on around here. Villa Fontana comprises of 91 available units of Condos for sale. Each Condo has 1 or 2 baths and 1 to 3 bedrooms. These Condos are located in down town San Jose. Villa Fontana San Jose California Condos are designed to compliment your individual lifestyles and needs. Wide corridors and breeze ways ensure a perfect and serene atmosphere with a sense of privacy for each Condo owner and are situated at the prestigious Willow Glen area of San Jose. Pool and spa as well as the home theater lounge are some of the fascinating facilities you can find around here. Art galleries, San Jose Museum of Art, Music in the Park, and San Jose’s finest cafes, pubs and night spots are some other fascinating places to visit around here.

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“The 88” are meant for the classy and rich people who will like to have San JoseCalifornia condos at discounted prices. Condos around here starts with price tags of $500,000, each unit size has measurements of between 620 and 2,479 sq.ft. Though many are at the pre-construction stages but potential buyers have been showing interests in these Condos. San Jose condos found here comprises of 1-3 bedrooms and 1-3 baths.

Staying in San JoseCalifornia is one of the dreams of many Americans. Whether you are thinking of investing into San Jose area or buying an apartment or condo to stay, the low crime and beautiful scenery of San Jose can’t be a wrong choice.

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Beach Condos Sales 6 years ago

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any one know about this?? i am going to out with my family members also like to buy a finest condos in the beach area.

could you please just tell me about the agent or agency, who is the best in this real estate industries....


San Jose Condos 6 years ago

Jared, The photo that you have attached to this editorial is not a good example of the current condos being built in San jose. The new High Rise units going up downtown are more modern with large floor to celling windows to help capture the great views that the Silicon Valley has to offer.

For better examples of the new San Jose High Rises check out our website here:


Danielle Contreras

Keller Williams Realty


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