Save Money on Your Move by Finding Free Moving Boxes

Planning a move requires a lot of attention to detail. One of the most difficult details is finding enough boxes in order to move all of your things. Quite often you'll need sturdy boxes that can hold heavier items as well as protect your more fragile things. As you begin to plan your move, be sure to hold onto boxes that come with internet orders. But unless you're ordering enough to keep Amazon in business, chances are you'll need to get a bit creative on ways to source more boxes for the move. Here are the best places to pick up boxes no matter where you live.

Grocery Stores – Inside and Out

Plenty of Durham movers know the best place to go is the local grocery store. In fact, plenty of people know to hit up the local grocery store for boxes but not many people think to get boxes from inside the store as well as discarded boxes left out back.

In fact, many stores hold onto produce boxes for a number of reasons, including that they are fairly sturdy and can be used around their own warehouse. Ask someone working in the back if it's possible to have or even just borrow a few, especially if they have banana boxes, which are especially strong and sturdy. Discount grocery stores where you pack your own groceries also usually have plenty of boxes both inside and out. If you have an Aldi's, Save-A-Lot or other discount store, check there as well.

Liquor Shops & Drive Through Stores

Liquor stores often have good, high quality boxes. Since liquor bottles tend to be glass, the boxes at these stores are ideal for packing and transporting your more fragile items. Drive-thru shops which sell beer and wine are also likely to have these kinds of boxes. Usually you can either get them once they've been thrown away by the owner or just ask as you're passing through.

Make FaceBook Useful

FaceBook has stolen enough of your free time over the past few years – make it useful for a change and send out a social media blast on all of your accounts – Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram and the rest – asking friends for boxes. You might be surprised how many of your online friends have perfect boxes lying around. Make the post or photo funny, witty or eye catching enough and it could go viral with your contacts. Even if it doesn't get you worldwide fame, it might help you score some help with the heavy lifting.

On the Job

No matter what you do for a living, chances are the place you work for has boxes you can use. From the boxes that paper comes in to janitorial supplies, corporate orders and general office supplies, nearly every business in the world gets regularly deliveries. Check with your office manager, janitorial managers or even just ask your co-workers. You might be surprised how many boxes you can get right in your own backyard.

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Ceres Schwarz profile image

Ceres Schwarz 3 years ago

Good hub with good tips on how to find free boxes for moving. Getting free boxes for moving would definitely help one to save money. It looks like there are a lot of possible places where you can get free boxes.

Better Yourself profile image

Better Yourself 3 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks Ceres for stopping by my hub! Yes there are lots of resources for free boxes - hope this helps for any future moves you may have!

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