How You Can Select the Perfect Mattress for Your Needs

If you're in the market for a new mattress, you've certainly got lots of choices out there. There are traditional inner spring mattresses, futon mattresses, waterbeds, and memory foam mattresses, to name just a few of the materials you could have your mattress made from.

All of these materials have their advantages and disadvantages, but perhaps the most popular of these materials today are memory foam mattresses. A foam mattress is a little bit pricier than some of the other options, but it also has some significant advantages over some of the other materials.

What are memory foam mattresses made from?

A memory foam mattress is made from something called "viscoelastic foam," originally developed by NASA for its astronauts.

Memory foam mattresses are probably the most comfortable sleeping option because they can so easily distribute your weight, such that you literally feel as though you are "floating on air" when you sleep. This is especially useful for people who have arthritis, joint problems, or who are simply sensitive to pressure points when they sleep.

They are also advantageous to sleeping partners who may have different sleep needs; if one partner is particularly restless or a light sleeper, for example, a memory foam mattress can help keep the partners from disturbing each other because a partner who tosses and turns, for example, won't disturb the other partner in the bed; the movement doesn't transfer from one side of the bed to the other.

In addition, memory foam mattresses are completely supportive, such that you won't find yourself "concave" in a well, where your body weight completely sinks into the mattress and leaves you completely unsupported.

If you have back or neck problems, a memory foam bed may be especially beneficial for you, because the support and complete weight distribution offered by memory foam means that these pains completely ease way (or at least greatly reduce) on memory foam's surface.


There are some disadvantages to memory foam, and you should know about them before you decide to buy. For one thing, it can be very hot. If you have a particularly high "thermostat," such that you tend to be hot anyway, you could find sleeping on a memory foam bed to be somewhat uncomfortable temperature-wise. Of course, there are other ways to mitigate this, such as simply keeping the room you're sleeping in cooler.

Memory foam also tends to emit a rather strong chemical smell when first removed from its packaging. Although this is unpleasant, it does dissipate; the best way to take care of this is to "air out" the mattress for 48 hours before you sleep on it.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage to memory foam, though, is its price. A good quality memory foam mattress is going to run you in the range of about $2000, which is about twice the price of a "good quality" mattress made of other materials. Nonetheless, for the comfort you get, it's going to be worth it if you do indeed find memory foam the ultimate in supportive, restful comfort.

Don't skimp on price or guarantee

Be careful as well when you buy a memory foam bed that you don't skimp on either the price or the guarantee. A good quality memory foam mattress, again, is going to run you in the range of $2000, but the best ones also come with a 20-year guarantee, so that it will be worth the price in that it will last for years to come. Although a cheaper one may cost you quite a bit less, you're also not going to have it very long, likely, so spend a little more and make sure you get a good quality memory foam mattress.

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minzako profile image

minzako 6 years ago

Nice, I will try with your HUB info.

Anbu 23 months ago

We have a sofa bed, and it seems no matter how you lay you can feel that metal rod in your back, stagirht thru the mattress! I got a memory foam topper on sale at Elder Beerman's a while back, it was kinda pricey (about $ 90) but it was soooo worth it. Your back will thank you, especially if you or someone else is sleeping on the sofa bed more than one night. I got a relatively thick one with little triangle-looking things jutting up. Its quite thick so it doesn't fold in with the sofa, so storage is kind of a b*tch, but still worth it. Good luck!

Samson 23 months ago

Put a thin wooden board under the mastrets. it can be in two halves to store easily after, then put a quilt on top of the mastrets as extra padding. Works a treat. You'll be sleeping on it yourself.

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