Selecting A Workbench for Your Tools

Tool Workbench

Workbenches are very important in any garage or workshop. They are ideal to hold your tools, accessories, and to create a place where you can work and complete projects. This is why it is very important in choosing the best workbench for your needs.

When choosing a workbench for your tools and projects, there are many things you want to keep in mind.

Below, you'll find several things that you want to consider when buying a new workbench so that you know you're getting exactly what you're looking for.

Just keep in mind that you should always consider price, size, and usability, as these three components will help determine whether or not you will get the most out of the workbench that you buy.

Best Tool Workbench

Torin 54in. Mobile Workbench, Model #TSA5411A-X
Torin 54in. Mobile Workbench, Model #TSA5411A-X

Large, sturdy hardwood work surface that can support up to 1200 pounds. It has open shelves and 2 locking drawers that can hold 100 pounds. 54"W x 20-1/8"D x 39"H

Hopkins 90164 2x4basics Workbench and Shelving Storage System
Hopkins 90164 2x4basics Workbench and Shelving Storage System

Customizable workbench. Supports up to 8-feet and 1000 pounds per shelf. Includes 4 workbench legs, 6 ShelfLinks, 2 work clamps, 3 single hooks, 1 double hook.

Gorilla Rack GR2102B 5-Feet Workbench with 2 Drawers, Black
Gorilla Rack GR2102B 5-Feet Workbench with 2 Drawers, Black

5 foot workbench with 2 drawers includes ball bearing drawer glides for 100 pound capacity each. 60"L x 24"D x 60"H

Shop Fox D2910 Heavy Duty Workbench Leg System
Shop Fox D2910 Heavy Duty Workbench Leg System

Easy to assemble workbench that weighs about 78 pounds. There is a built-in recess for an added 3/4" plywood shelf. 32"H x 56"W x 28"D

Black & Decker WM425 Workmate 425 550-Pound Capacity Portable Work Bench
Black & Decker WM425 Workmate 425 550-Pound Capacity Portable Work Bench

Transforms into a roomy workbench or bench tool stand. Holds up to 550 pounds. One-handed clamp system allows for independent jaw adjustment. Includes four swivel pegs, extra block, and vise-to-workbench converter insert. 29.2" x 8.9" x 29.5"


Choosing a Tool Workbench

When looking for a good workbench that will allow you to organize your tools and offer a workplace where you can work, you'll want to consider the following tips and suggestions because you want to make sure you choose carefully so that you get what you're looking for.

  • What work will you be doing?

The work that you'll be performing on and around the workbench will affect the size, surface material, storage space, and ergonomic considerations.

  • How much room do you have?

You want to keep in mind the amount of space that you have available. Consider the work surface area (WxD), the vertical space available, storage space, height, etc.

  • Will it meet your work flow?

You want a workbench that will allow you to work without struggling. You want to always keep in mind what you'll be doing most and the amount of space and storage you'll need. You'll want to consider the overall design configuration, any racks and/or drawers, and whether it will be stationary or mobile.

  • Will you have enough storage?

Everything needs a place to go, so you'll want to consider storage in the means of drawers for little things like bits, but you'll also want to keep in mind upper storage for larger tools.

  • Is the workbench adaptable?

Will it be aesthetic? Are you looking for a particular color or material? Do you want a stationary or mobile workbench? What about a customizable work table? Do you want to have the option for interchangeable accessories?

  • Do you need lighting?

If you do projects that need extra lighting, you want to find a worktable that has accessibility for extra lights. Some will come with overhead lighting, whereas others may offer a lamp-style lighting. Otherwise, make sure that there's enough room for you to add a lamp.

  • Will you need power and electrical support?

Will you need to be able to plug in power tools? If you will need power to help your  projects go smoother, you'll want to find a worktable that includes outlets or the ability to position cords and outlets. Take into consideration the number of outlets you may need and where you'll need them most.

  • What about any other accessories?

Will you need any other accessories so that your projects will be smoother and simpler for you?

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