Selecting the Perfect Saucepan Set

The saucepan is probably one of the most used products in your kitchen today. Although the invention of other cooking methods such as microwaves and steamers has reduced its use over recent years it is still a staple cooking method for most home cooks and chef's. Most of us buy a saucepan set that we will keep for years and if a good quality product is purchased and looked after well, could last us a lifetime. Although we probably take them for granted we should take care when choosing a saucepan set to ensure will be happy with our purchase. You have a choice of either purchasing a set all at once or if budgets are tight, buying individual saucepans within a range and gradually building your saucepan set. It is best to invest in a few quality branded pans, rather than buying a cheap set that is not right for your needs and will affect the quality of your cooking. The only thing you must take into consideration if you are going to gradually build your saucepan set is that it may cost you slightly more to buy them individually and there is a possibility they could discontinue the range you decide upon. If you are patient you could however save yourself some money by simply buying them when on sale or even ex-display models.


Once you have a budget in mind you must first select the essential saucepans you require. It is best to buy the bare minimum set of saucepans as this will ensure you get the best quality pans for your money. After using them a couple of weeks or months you will soon find out if there is another size pan you will need.


There are many different sizes of sauce pans available and from the small milk pan to large diameter saucepans. Not all pans come with a lid so consider what you will use the sauce pans for. If you are new to cooking then ask some advice from a more experienced cook, to see what they use regularly. I am sure many of us have that saucepan stored at the back of the cupboard that was not only a waste of money but also storage space. Consider how you will store your saucepans, be it in a cupboard, pull out draw or hung up on display in your kitchen.

Design and Material

The essential design of a saucepan is to heat your food evenly and not have any hot spots. Also make sure the handle is well made and sturdy and try to get a chance to feel the balance of the pan before you buy it. If you expect to put your pans under the grill or in the oven ensure they are capable of doing this and the handles do not have any plastic or wooden material that may combust or be affected by heat.

Lastly make sure they are dishwasher safe if you don't want to have to hand wash them every day and that they are suited to your cooker. Particularly if you have an induction hob make sure you read the manufacturers recommendations.

Finally treat your purchase with the care and attention you have selected them and you will ensure you get years of cooking enjoyment.


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