Selecting the Right Chainsaw Sharpener

Among the various sharpening tools available in the marketplace, a chainsaw
sharpener is considered among the most efficient ones. It is safe to operate
and helps to sharpen a tool blade with minimal input of effort and optimal
results. Mechanics, hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts all vouch for the usefulness
of this tool when it comes to sharpening their different cutting tools such as
a chisel, knife or a mower blade.

Types of Chainsaw Sharpeners

Due to the high demand of this tool, there are a number of manufacturers who
bring out different types and models in the market from time to time. There are
the regular sharpeners that are operated manually, and traditionally they have
always produced the best results. There are also automated versions such as
electrically operated sharpeners that more popular for commercial usage. There
are a variety of features included with different models, and also different
designs and colors to choose from.

Professional Sharpeners

For minor household requirements, a hand file may be the best suited tool,
where as for a professional user an advanced chainsaw sharpener may be
necessary that clamps the chain with a lever between guide bars that helps to
maintain the chain in its place for perfect cutting. Usually a professional
sharpener will run at a high rotational speed in excess of 4000 rpm, and a ball
bearing motor for 120V. The unit includes a 4-inch grinding wheel along with an
8-inch arbor. This is a high performance machine therefore it normally has a
safety harbor shield covering the motor in order to prevent accidents.

Choosing the Right Tool

It is important to make the appropriate choice for this tool because many other
tools are going to be dependent on this tool for their performance. There are
many different brands on offer in the marketplace, and each claims to offer
superior features to the others. However, when you are ready to buy the
chainsaw sharpener, you first need to ensure your exact purpose and requirement
for this item. You may make a choice between an electrical or a manual
sharpener depending on your purpose and usage for it. 

It should be understood that for amateurs and others who need this item
for around the house, a hand based model is more practical than an electrical
one. It is easier to operate, and will last a long time. Household use may
be irregular, and an electrical device may get spoiled if it remains in a
long state of disuse. The pricing of the two models is also entirely
different.  While a manual model may cost you anywhere between $10 to $30,
a good electrical model may cost in excess of $100.

The Simplest Form of Sharpener

A hand file is the most basic form of a chainsaw sharpener. It is a small round
shaped file with a diameter in proportion to the chainsaw size. This product is
ideal when a quick sharpening of the chainsaw is required while working on a
project. However, it may require some amount of skill and experience to do a
good job.  The user must be careful not to alter the proper cutting angle of
the chainsaw.


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