Selecting the Right Mini Self Storage Facility

You have made up your mind that you have way too many things hanging around the house but just can’t bring yourself to part with any of them. Whether you think you may one day need them or be able to use them or they have sentimental value isn’t relevant. Your home is on the verge of being a topic of a hoarders television show. You might think that with just a little extra room you can make the mess go away and you would be right.

Instead of packing all of your extra belongings into closets, the garage or even your basement, reclaim some of that lost space by putting some of your things into a mini self storage locker. If you only need a little extra room, these units can be the ideal solution for your space problem. However, when the time comes and you have made that decision, look into the available units to make sure they are what you need.

Security: Indoor units are perhaps the least likely to be broken into and if you have belongings that you consider valuable, these might be your first choice. Look around the entrances to see if any cameras threaten to record anyone going into the unit and if the main entrance is staffed when the facility is open. Indoor units are also usually climate controlled and will be necessary if you are storing things that can be damaged by excessive heat, cold and humidity.

With some outdoor facilities entrance to the main grounds is restricted by a locked gate, especially if it is an unmanned facility. A fenced-in lot will serve as a deterrent to others getting in and breaking into lockers, keeping your belongings safe and secure.

Safety: When you go to visit your stuff in a mini self storage locker will you have unrestricted access? Remember, others may have the same access and unless you can be sure that only those renting lockers can get into the facility, you will want to know more about how safe you will be when you go to add or remove items.

Weather: Protecting your belongings from the weather can be a challenge if you choose an outdoor facility. You will want to carefully examine the unit before putting anything into it to see if there are any signs of water leaks around the top and bottom of the unit. Stains on the floor or even on the wall can indicate water is getting under the door during a heavy rain and could ruin anything you have in the locker. Again, if you are planning to store anything of value, an indoor climate controlled storage unit may be what you are looking for.

You may also be able to talk to some of the current users of a mini self storage facility to learn of their experience with the owner or manager. Talk to the owners about insurance and your insurance company about a rider on your homeowner’s policy that will cover your belongings while they are in storage.

Self Storage Never Sounded This Good

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