Sellers Beware

     My name is Valerie Read and I am selling my condo in Lynnwood,Washington. The reason for my selling my home is because I am unsure of when I will still have a job and I want to go back to school full time, next fall. I only can hope I can get a good price for my condo, pay off my past due monthly dues, taxes, mortgage, and modified personal loan from attending school two years ago.

     I had a interesting call yesterday. At 5:30 pm I was a work and I received a call from a realtor who wanted to show my home to his clients. He asked if I was home and I replied no. I said to him that I was still at work and this was a great time to show my home to his clients. So, I went to the library to pick a few books, and stopped by the mall for a latte.

     After 6:30 pm I went back home and I didn't find a card left behind by the realtor. All Realtors are suppose to leave their card after showing a house or condo. This gives the seller a ID of who was in their home on any given day. So, I went on the Internet and than went to bed at 8:00 pm. At 8:45 pm I heard someone turning the lock in my front door and the sound of the chain catching. Than I heard a knock on my door. I got out of bed and went to the door. I peaked through the spy hole and saw three people standing outside my door.

     I thought it was one of my neighbors and so I opened the door. I saw a man with a older couple standing with three lock box set of keys in one hand and holding a stack of cards in the other hand. He said that he was the realtor who called me earlier that evening and had wanted to show my place now. I said that it was late and to come back another day. The realtor had thought I said I was going to be gone all day. I replied back that he called me up at 5:30 pm when I was at work and that it was a good time to show my place at that time, since I was not at home. In no way did I say I was gone all day. He apologized for coming at a late hour, but they got caught up looking at other places.

     I still held my door closed behind me and gave all of them a cold hard stare. He said he was sorry and left with his clients. First, I bet they were investors, because there are three bank owned condos in my unit, second, the realtor didn't leave his card with me, and third, anyone who has brains in their head would call ahead. This is what my realtor told me at the beginning when I signed papers with her to show my home and represent me when I sold my condo.

     I already have a low opinion of realtors because of incident that happened to me and my sister about five years ago. Our Realtor had given the key to another Realtor who was representing the buyers of our property. Their clients wanted to move in earlier that weekend, since closing was on the following Monday. When my sister arrived to move the remainder of her belongings. She had discovered that the new owners had moved in early and her belongings were now out in the garage, and she wasn't allowed on the property or in the house. This was all very strange, since it was still our home until the followong Monday.

     My sister and I followed a complaint with the National Realtor Assocciation, but it was our word against the Realtor who had represented us. She had lied that we had signed a form authorizing this, and I said show me the form I signed. I never saw that form and the case was closed.

     Now, that same idealogy hasn't changed. So, homeowners who are selling your homes, if this happens to you. Please hold strong and tell your realtor what happened. This is a strange time we are all living in and it will not get better, anytime soon. Realtors need to know that there are rules to be followed, and that the property they are showing is still our home.


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