What To Look For When You Shop For Bathroom Vanity Lighting

bathroom vanity lighting is available in a wide range of interesting styles
bathroom vanity lighting is available in a wide range of interesting styles

When it comes to shopping for light bulbs for the vanity lights, many people simply find themselves running into their favorite department store, grabbing the highest wattage they can find, and purchase it under the cheapest brand of bulbs that they can find. While these types of bulbs will in fact provide bathroom cabinet lighting, it may not be the kind of lighting that you really want to have in your bathroom. For those who do not know of any other options, there may not seem to be anything wrong with shopping for bulbs this way as there are no other options.

The great thing is though, there are other options and to get high quality bathroom vanity lighting, you will need to explore them. Since bathroom vanity lights take care of such a large job, it is important to make sure that you are going with bulbs that are the best they could possibly be. To understand the importance of special bathroom vanity lights, it is vital to see just what is done within the bathroom that requires such special lighting. Two things that come to mind are shaving and applying makeup. Neither one of these tasks should be done in poor lighting.

The first thing you want to do is to make sure that the bulbs you are selecting are not too bright or too dull for the bathroom. Also, make sure that you are installing your new vanity lights on to the side walls instead of the ceiling. This is because lighting that comes from the side is much more flattering then lighting that comes from above. What happens is that the side lighting will cast an even light across the body and the face, which ultimately reduces the shadows seen.

Some people prefer LED lights while others prefer incandescent lights. Many more people go with the fluorescent bulbs. No matter which bulbs you go with for your bathroom vanity lights, make sure that they emit lighting that falls within the daylight spectrum that comes naturally outside. Mostly white and yellow light bulbs do not reflect what your natural skin tone is which could make applying makeup a difficult task. This is because what you would be seeing in the mirror is not exactly what would be seen once you step outside into the daylight.

some bathroom lighting is designed to fit perfectly with your bathroom vanity mirror
some bathroom lighting is designed to fit perfectly with your bathroom vanity mirror

To fix that issue, you want your bathroom lighting to be of neodymium light bulbs as these are the bulbs that are closest to giving sunlight type light. This type of bulb is nothing more than an incandescent bulb with a blush tint on it. For vanity lights, this is the ideal bulb to use. When it comes to the type of bathroom lighting you are looking for bulbs for, recessed lighting, dim lighting, or spotlight lighting, it is important to know that you need to find a bulb that will give the proper light needed.

Once you see the difference the special bulbs make in your bathroom vanity lighting, you will never go back to any other lighting again. You will finally see the real you in the mirror and you will never want to see anything else ever again.

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Michi 23 months ago

It would be incredible if a large campony, say Walmart, took the initiative and did a bulb swap in order to help push the idea, then also did the proper disposal of the ones collected. I bet with that kind of quantity, they could recuperate a lot of the cost directly and benefit from the goodwill as well.On those notes and along the note of your post, there was a report on Discovery Channel about the 2 test Walmart sites and the changes they made to the stores to conserve energy and reduce the footprint - really neat stuff, particularly the ventilation using washable fabric.

Sofya 23 months ago

banning incandescent bulbs are a step in the right diroeticn but let's just hope that we're not lazy and just drop the dead bulbs in our trash bags instead of dropping them off the flourecent bulbs at the recycling plants. mercury in our soils and air can do more harm than keeping incandescent bulbs in our lamps.

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