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Vinyl Shower Curtain

This Is A Picture Of A Vinyl Shower Curtain.  You Can See How It Is Plastic Because Of How Shiny It Is.
This Is A Picture Of A Vinyl Shower Curtain. You Can See How It Is Plastic Because Of How Shiny It Is. | Source

When my boyfriend and I went apartment shopping, we realized that we needed to buy a shower curtain. Honestly, shower curtains are one of those things that people don't really think of before going apartment shopping. We had thought of the big stuff like, "Ok, we need a bed first of all to sleep on. We're gonna need a couch so that we can sit on something. Food is a must.  Oh, and dishes". We thought of that kind of stuff.

So, when we went to the store to pick out a shower curtain, we wanted something cheap. I figured that we would end up getting a vinyl shower curtain. My mom always bought vinyl shower curtains throughout the years and I never knew that there were any other types.

Well, while my boyfriend and I were looking at the shower curtains, something caught my eye. It was a cloth shower curtain! I had never seen anything like it before. I was in awe; probably more than I really should have been. Anyway, we ended up purchasing the cloth shower curtain because it was still really cheap, it wasn't as heavy as the vinyl shower curtains, and it's easily cleaned by tossing it in the washing machine.

Types Of Shower Curtains

There are several different materials that shower curtains are made of. You can buy shower curtains that are made of vinyl or plastic, cloth or fabric, or hemp.

Vinyl Shower Curtains:

  • Vinyl shower curtains are very durable and can last a long time.
  • They can come in many different colors or patterns.
  • You can even get clear ones if you choose to.
  • Vinyl shower curtains are water-resistant.
  • They aren't as easy to clean as cloth or hemp shower curtains are.
  • Vinyl shower curtains are usually inexpensive.

Cloth Shower Curtain

This Is A Picture Of A Cloth Shower Curtain.
This Is A Picture Of A Cloth Shower Curtain. | Source

Cloth Shower Curtains:

  • Cloth shower curtains are not as heavy as other types of shower curtains.
  • They can be bought in different colors or you can buy clear ones.
  • Cloth shower curtains are easily cleaned.
  • They can be cleaned in a washing machine.
  • Fabric shower curtains can easily attract mold and mildew, so many people buy a shower liner to prevent getting any kind of mold or mildew on their curtain.
  • These shower curtains are relatively inexpensive.

Hemp Shower Curtains:

  • Hemp shower curtains are usually made organically.
  • These shower curtains can come in different colors, just as the cloth shower curtains do.
  • Hemp shower curtains are heavier than other types of shower curtains.
  • Hemp is mold-resistant, so it is less likely that mold and mildew will grow on a hemp shower curtain than either vinyl or cloth ones.
  • Hemp shower curtains are biodegradable and non-toxic.
  • Hemp shower curtains are machine washable (just as cloth shower curtains are), so they are easily cleaned.
  • They also dry faster than the other types of shower curtains.
  • Hemp shower curtains do not need shower liners because the water won't leak through.
  • These are more expensive than the other types, but last a lot longer.

Hemp Shower Curtain

Picture Of A Hemp Shower Curtain.  If You Can Notice, It Is Very Thick Compared To Other Types.
Picture Of A Hemp Shower Curtain. If You Can Notice, It Is Very Thick Compared To Other Types. | Source

Cleaning And Maintenance Of Your Shower Curtain

As I said near the beginning, my boyfriend and I ended up buying a cloth shower curtain because it was easy to clean. Cleaning shower curtains are generally simple and maintaining them is really a piece of cake!

Vinyl shower curtains are the most difficult to clean. The curtain should be taken down (although I know of people who just leave it up). Use a scrub brush and use detergent to clean it with. You can use many things to clean it if you don't want to use detergent. If there is any mold or mildew growing on it, bleach can be used to remove it.

You shouldn't put your vinyl shower curtain in the dryer and they typically aren't put in the washer unless absolutely necessary. The reason for this is because it's easy for plastic to stick together and can end up ripping. If you decide to put your vinyl shower curtain in the washing machine, then it's a good idea to put other fabrics in there as well to help prevent the shower curtain from sticking together (towels or rags are a good example). Put laundry detergent in with your curtain. If there is mold or mildew, put some bleach in it too. Use hot water and put it on the gentle cycle. When done, hang it back up and let it dry.

Cloth shower curtains are really simple. They are machine washable, so just throw it in your washing machine. Use warm water, detergent, and put it on the gentle cycle. When it's done, hang it up to dry. Don't use bleach on it unless it's white. If it's not white and you need to spot clean it, try using vinegar.

Hemp shower curtains are also really simple. Cleaning hemp shower curtains is exactly the same as cleaning cloth shower curtains. If you have a hemp shower curtain and need to know how to clean it, refer to the paragraph right above this one.

**One thing to remember is that you should always leave your shower curtain open to dry. Make sure to have good ventilation in your bathroom, as well. Clean your shower curtain regularly to prevent any mold or mildew. Even though some types of shower curtains are less likely to get mold or mildew, each type (vinyl, cloth, or hemp) can end up getting it.**

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Simone Smith profile image

Simone Smith 5 years ago from San Francisco

Good point about washing cloth curtains! I had cloth curtains for a while... they got moldy (despite the plastic curtain they came with to keep them try), so it's important to wash and completely dry them regularly :D

Jenny_Leigh profile image

Jenny_Leigh 5 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

Yes it is. Unfortunately, I never seem to remember to take my shower curtain down on laundry day! Haha :)

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