A Side Table Is The Perfect Accent For Any Room

Side Tables

Any well dressed living room, family room, or study needs matching side tables for individual tastes and purposes. These tables can be tall, short, wide, narrow and of limitless styles to enhance traditional and contemporary decors. Side tables can be constructed of cherry, birch, beech, pine, maple, oak and other woods and synthetic materials. Chrome, steel, brass, and copper are some of the gorgeous metals that are used alone or in combination with woods, veneers, and glass. Several styles include glass side tables or a glass inset on top of the hardwood surface, sometimes containing an artistic etching. Sets of coffee, end, and side tables can be purchased ready made or custom designed to match individual rooms. New high-tech plastics and recycled materials create side tables that are indistinguishable from hardwoods and “green.”

Traditional designs encompass Colonial American, American Pioneer, French, German, Spanish, and Dutch as well as antique tables. Ethnic craftsmen produce these unique designs in America, while others manufacture them abroad and ship them to the US. Handcrafted Amish and Shaker sets are made in the traditional tongue and groove or peg techniques, without nails to mar the aesthetic appearance of exceptionally good hardwoods and finishes. Many traditional side tables contain high quality woods in well known shapes: square, rectangular, oval and round side table. Some with one or more shelves below the polished tabletop, and some with drawers or cabinets. Certain styles provide a planter or magazine rack in the lower level shelf. An antique side table is a popular choice for older homes or eclectic decors.

Contemporary styles incorporate a wider range of colors and shape than traditional side tables and sometimes include fully glass table tops in transparent, frosted, etched, textured, or any of the rainbow of colors, including black and white, or antique finishes. This makes it easy to coordinate your glass top with a white side table or a black side table. Some glass top side tables feature inset planters or cigar/pipe holder and ashtray combinations. Bamboo is one of the newer materials used in tables and is manufactured in green, natural bamboo tan, black, and white. Hardwoods and synthetics are also used in modern tables and take the form of cubes and nesting tables that can be pulled out to entertain. Others are flat-topped spheres, and certain solid styles feature internal flashing lights and lava light action. Some feature iPod docking stations and CD decks with a rack for a CD collection. Upholstered side tables are often designed to be used as extra seating.

American made and import furniture retailers that handle side tables for all seasons. Many lines of this merchandise are perfect for the home and office. A number include useful tables made specifically for the Florida room or patio and these often feature bamboo and wicker, or metal scroll-work with glass. Other tables are designed to match chrome and steel outdoor kitchen appliances and are very attractive when paired with these items and complimenting dining room table and chairs. These versatile pieces of furniture can also be used as contemporary bedside tables.

Shop for side tables at furniture and specialty stores, home and garden centers, home stores, manufacturers' outlets, and online from Internet retailers.

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