A Modern Method to Shopping for Side Tables

Shopping for Side Tables Can Be Surprising

“What’re we shopping for today?”

“Side tables. I want to buy a modern side table for the redecorating. I know that look. Don’t worry. It’ll be fun. I promise.”

“Side tables will be fun? Shopping for a plasma screen television is fun. But side tables?”

“Don’t be so closed minded. Let’s go inside and look at some modern side tables. You’ll be surprised.”

I was impressed by the variety of side tables. When I thought of side tables, I had thought of ordinary tables. Apparently, that isn’t the case at all. There were side tables in a multitude of colors, shapes and sizes. Each style had a section.

So Many Side Tables, So Little Time

In the first section of side tables, there were examples of glass side tables. One glass side table in particular caught my attention with its pristine beauty. It appeared to be made from a single piece of glass. From the rectangular top, the two sides curved down to meet the floor. With its overall non-angular, naturalistic appearance, it looked as though someone had taken free flowing water and had flash frozen it to create this lovely glass side table.

Moving my eyes along from this more rounded, rectangular modern side table, I gazed upon a group of more angular side tables. These, however, were not glass side tables. These were oak side tables. I’ve always had a fondness for oak furniture with its natural feel and the calming swirls in the wood. Even in a modern form, it has a classic beauty about it – a sort of reliable old friend. I had never thought much about oak side tables before despite my appreciation of oak furniture. I was glad to be introduced to it. The oak side table I admired most had a sophisticated appearance. This side table had two tiers. Between them were gothic style arches much like one would see used in a European cathedral. It spoke of timeless beauty in modern form.

Next to these side tables was another oak side table. Although also oak, this one was round and was in a section of round side tables. Its light brown circular top with its darker reddish swirling patterns was almost hypnotic. Its roundness suggested completeness and wholeness. By its side, as though it was an offspring of this side table, was another round side table. It was of the same design only smaller. This small side table would be perfect for someone with limited space who also desired to decorate their home beautifully.

The final section consisted of a handsome black side table and a white side table or two. Many forms were present: round, rectangular, and square to name a few. One pair of these lovely side tables intrigued me most. They were square in design, one black, one white, and deceptively simple in appearance. The angular, unadorned designed coupled with the chosen colors suggested the restraint found in the classical style and showed the beauty which can be found in moderation.

“I want that side table! So, where can I get a sofa to match?”

Things to Think About

Why not match up your tables? For example, there is a glass table appropriate for any room of the house. You can coordinate your decor by purchasing your glass top coffee table, side tables, glass console table and glass bedside tables with glass tabletops. Complete the look with a glass dining room table to maintain a light and airy feel to your home.

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