Sentosa Cove the Uniquely Singapore Island Living

Singapore's Uniquely Resort Living Real Estate

The Sentosa Cove also known 升涛湾 in Chinese, is the unique luxury lifestyle real estate in Singapore. The Sentosa Cove is actually located on the Sentosa Island that is located to the south of the Singapore mainland.

The combination of the exclusivity of an insulated resort island style living combined with its close proximity to the city center, makes it the ideal destination for the rich and well heeled international investors as well as local residents. 

List of Real Estate Developments at Sentosa Cove

The luxury properties at Sentosa ranges from sea facing Good Class Bungalows (GCB), to luxury condominiums with easy access to the members only marina.

The cove is divided into the North Cove and the South Cove with a host of facilities like the marina between them. Altogether the North Cove will have about 1,530 units with around 200 bungalows, 30 terraced houses, and 1,300 condominium units.

The more exclusive South Cove will have about 1,000 units, including some premium sea facing bungalows.

Check out the map for some of the available property developments.

List of Sentosa Cove Landed and Condo Properties

show route and directions
A markerthe berth, singapore -
Berth By The Cove, The, 226 Ocean Dr, Singapore 098617
[get directions]

B markerthe marina collection, singapore -
Marina Collection, 15 Cove Dr, Singapore 098328
[get directions]

C markerthe berth, singapore -
Berth By The Cove, The, 226 Ocean Dr, Singapore 098617
[get directions]

D markeroceanfront, singapore -
Oceanfront @ Sentosa Cove, The, 287 Ocean Dr, Singapore 098530
[get directions]

E markerthe marina collection, singapore -
Marina Collection, 15 Cove Dr, Singapore 098328
[get directions]

F markersandy island, singapore -
Sandy Island, Singapore
[get directions]

An man-made island with only a handful of exclusive villas.

What are the Risks to Investing in Sentosa Cove

The Sentosa Cove is unique because its key selling points lies in it exclusivity and the limited supply of land on the island. 

But there are always risks inherent in any investments and the key concern for sentosa cove properties would have to be its over reliance on demand from overseas foreigner buyers which can be highly dependent on the global economy.

Let's look at some of the real estate figures. In first quarter 2010, there were 22 landed housing transactions and 33 condo transactions. However forward to 2011, and the red hot level of activity have dampened somewhat. In first quarter of 2011, there were only 3 landed housing transactions and 8 condo transactions.

Take for example the 350 bungalows out of which only 47 have unblocked seaviews. In the luxury property market of Good Class Bungalow, Sentosa exclusively small number of 350 bungalow does seem to represent a relatively limited supply considering the huge pool of well travelled & well heeled international buyers.

However things might not be so cut and dry for the more plentiful condo units.
Price of sentosa cove condo are still priced at a discount from prime district condos in the Singapore mainland. Its a niche clientele that enjoys the unique waterfront lifestyles with relaxing seaviews and yachting activities.

The sales price for condos seems to be holding although with fewer units transacted compared to last year. There also seems to be a trend for developers to hold unsold units and put them on the rental market.

Its true that the total land available in Sentosa is limited but the huge number of condos that have came into the Sentosa cove rental market would put a downward pressure on rental prices for most of 2011.

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