Single Duvet Cover

If you have a single bed you might want to purchase a single duvet cover to use with it. Designing a coordinated bedroom set is easy and fun when you choose the right type of accessory pieces and bedding. Today’s bedding styles come in coordinating comforters, sheets and pillow cases to make your designing easy. The duvet is a popular bed cover and is generally found in the larger bed sizes of double, queen and king, but you can find the covers in the single size as well.

Bedding sets for single beds that include the duvet such as the Claret percale set, includes the cover, 1 pillowcase and matching sheets all in a deep burgundy color. The fabric is made of a cotton/polyester blend which makes it machine washable. If you are looking for a bed set that is a little more stylish you could choose the Linea Stace set that comes in a vibrant print. If you’re looking for sets to design a child’s room with you can find such character sets as Spongbob Squarepants. Using matching sheet and cover sets helps create a designer look to even a child’s bedroom.

You can further coordinate a room by adding matching accessory items such as lamps, rugs and throw pillows. If you choose a solid color set of sheets and a print cover you can pick up the color of the sheets to use in coordinating accessory items. You can also do it the opposite way, by choosing print sheet sets with a coordinating solid duvet and use the color of the cover to match the items in the bedroom. By purchasing sets that are already pre-matched you don’t have to spend time looking for bedding pieces in different stores to collect items that match.

You can also choose to purchase the single duvet cover as a separate item and not with a matching set if you already have sheets that you like. The cover works well for any single size bed whether the bed is for a child or an adult. You can find prints and colors that will fit with a teen’s room as well as for a college student’s room. The covers are thick and warm and offer more style then using a traditional blanket on the bed. You can find the covers at most home furnishing stores as well as with online retailers of bedding products.


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