Skylight Shades

One major reason for installing skylights is energy conservation, but without a shade, your skylight could be costing you and the environment dearly. Skylight shades should pay for themselves in savings from heating and air conditioning your home. Go a little greener in your home with shades on all your skylights. 

You don't always want free sunlight to enter into your home, and shades can be imperative for regulated heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter. Skylight shades allow you to filter the sunlight to reduce glare or completely banish it when needed.

One way to shade your skylight is to place a cover over it interiorly or exteriorly. The shade can be fixed in place, or can be manipulated, manually or by a motor with remote control. There are solar battery light blocks that recharge automatically to provide over 500 remotely controlled movements of the shade per charge. No wiring is involved.  Whatever shade you choose, you want it to install easily and function well with minimal maintenance.

Skylight shades must be engineered to be functional from many angles as well as vertical and horizontal. The material of the blind itself must be flexible yet have substantial body to perform the function desired. Sometimes a thin film of material such as aluminum is bonded to a polyester fabric and treated to be anti static while it is naturally reflective. Fabrics are available to complement any style décor. Fitting a fabric shade to a skylight offers many choices. There are insulated materials to add even better control of heat and cold.

Skylight shades come in a wide variety of styles: Roman, Venetian, Contemporary, and Asian, to mention a few. You can coordinate the skylight shades with the shades on regular windows for a pulled together look.

Improving room acoustics is often a factor in choosing skylight shades. That can be accomplished with the right choice of insulated blind material.

Another money saver is in and reducing UV fading of interior items. It is better to buy shades than replace a room size carpet.

You might not think of privacy as an issue if your skylights are on ceilings in the center of rooms, but some skylights are angled from living areas and lack of privacy can be a major effect. When placed over large areas, the skylight shades themselves can be a principal player in the mood of a room. You can add style without compromising energy efficiency with skylight shades.

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Very nice hub! Great information and I really liked the picture you have added. beautiful! I really enjoyed reading your hub.

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