Sleepers In Seattle

Sleepers In Seattle?

Sleepers Bar-None!

At Sleepers In Seattle, our sofa beds are primarily categorized between two lines, our Classic Sleepers, and our Comfort Sleepers by American Leather. With over 500,00 total configurations of Sofa Beds, we can find the perfect sofa bed for you!

The old fear of “the bar in your back” reminds guests of sleeper sofas that nobody actually sleeps on. This is no longer the case! With all the improvements in sleeper technology, there is no reason for your guests to toss and turn all night long. Several upgrades have been made to the nation’s convertible sofa-beds, including a revamped mechanism within all standard sleepers, and a new premium sleeper that contains no metal bars whatsoever.
In fact, about 95% of the sleepers in the country, regardless of the couch's manufacturer, contain the same sleeper mechanism which holds the mattresses. This is true for all styles, and even all sizes of sofa beds. For chair through queen sleepers, the bar has been moved. A simple change, yes, however an astounding difference!. Now, the bar is quite literally not under your back. Also, with the new options of sleeper mattresses, including a Sealy PosturePedic, a Coil-Air mattress, and an all new Spring-Free Latex PosturePedic, the mattresses have been improved to the point where a bar in your back wouldn’t be felt even if it was still there!
Sleepers In Seattle also carries the luxurious Generation IV Comfort Sleeper by American Leather. This line provides a plush, high-density foam mattress atop a solid wood platform bed-- previously unheard of for sleeper sofas. The unique pull out features of the Comfort Sleeper allows for an 80” long bed (as opposed to the sleeper sofa standard of 72”) without adding to the total “footprint” created when the bed is out. In fact, the total length, from the back of the couch to the foot of the bed, is only 83”, as opposed to the 91” used by the smaller mattress of a standard sleeper. Also, the Comfort Sleeper is the only sofa bed to offer the one and only Tempur-Pedic Swedish Memory Foam mattress as an option. In fact, this is an ideal pairing, as the memory foam works best atop a solid/hard platform (as opposed to a boxspring), which is perfect fit with the solid wood mechanism found in the Comfort Sleeper. That said, either mattress option for the Comfort Sleeper will provide a tremendous night's rest!
Now that you've got all this information about the improvements to different sleeper sofas, you no longer have to worry about using your hard earned income on a sofa bed that your guests won’t get much sleep on anyway. In fact, you may soon find yourself offering up the master bedroom for a chance to relax on your perfect new sleeper sofa!!

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carlosa742 7 years ago

Doesnt 'Max' seem quite young...

profile image

schmuckster 7 years ago

sleepers in seattle is great, but...who's the weirdo in the goofy sweater?

geneosten1967 profile image

geneosten1967 7 years ago from New York, NY

I think the goofball with the sweater is cute..not for me of course, but I think he's the right age for my daughter!

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whatrocks 7 years ago

I won't shop anywhere else for a sleeper sofa. Sleepers in Seattle: You rock!

hltrskltr profile image

hltrskltr 7 years ago

I heard the Comfort Sleper can be taken apart, say for delivery..? That true?

deedub profile image

deedub 7 years ago

I hear that you ship your excellent sleepers all over the country! Keep up the good work!

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Seattle123 7 years ago

Sleepers in Seattle delivers the goods.

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sollysolly 7 years ago

The video was very informative and easy to follow. funny too.

sleepers r gr8

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GourmetMama64 7 years ago

Thinking of getting a Comfort Sleeper. Which is the most comfortable to sit on? How long do they take to order? Thnx.

GwennD profile image

GwennD 7 years ago

Hi GM64,

The Comfort Sleepers seem comfortable, but pretty deep, to me. But I'm very short. I think it depends on your height. I think the Owen sits the best, IMHO.



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onthehorizon10 7 years ago

I like the Kayla, perfect for lying across(when its still a couch). The sloped arm is like a built-in pillow! ;)

Sam 6 years ago

'Max' is quite cute, I'd go on a date with him ;) and heck! Maybe even buy a Comfort Sleeper from him!

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