Small Bathroom Vanities: Easy to Install, Easy to Maintain

Diy Vanity Installation.

Small Bathroom Vanities (for example, like those from are great for people who like to do things for themselves. They are so easy to install; all a person really needs is a little common sense and some tools to work with. They are great space savers, and you can install one that will put your old bathroom vanity to shame. Before you get started, it is a good idea to have something in mind concerning the type of Small Bathroom Vanity that you want to install.

You should make a trip to your local home improvement store and take a look at the Small Bathroom Vanities that they have to offer. If that store does not have just what you are looking for try shopping around. It is better to shop around before you make a decision about purchasing any of them.

Preparing for installation.

Once you have an idea what type of Small Bathroom Vanity that you have chosen, you will now need to get rid of the one that you have now. If you look under the vanity, you will notice that in order to take it apart, you will have to first turn off the water lines that run to the sink. If you do not see a water cutoff switch, you will have to turn the water off to the entire house. After that you will have to disconnect the drain system, and the water lines leading to the facets. Next, you will notice some clips that hold the sink to the counter top that can easily be removed with a screwdriver. Once this is done, simply lift the sink out of the counter top hole, and set it aside.

Next is removing the old vanity top. First you need to check underneath to see how it is attached; on some vanities they use screws to hold it down, and on others it is glued to the wall. Before doing anything else, you should take a utility knife and cut the chalking from the top edges, and around the bottom if there is chalking there. You may need to use a pry bar to break it away from the wall; use extreme caution not to break any drywall right above or below the top. You do not want to replace the dry wall if it can be helped. The old vanity top should be light enough to carry outside of your bathroom, but if it isn't be sure to put something down on the floor in order to keep from scratching the floor surface.

Ready for the install.

With everything out of the way, and you have checked around to find out if there were anything that needed repaired. You will also want to dry any water that has spilled onto the floor. It is now time to start measuring for your new Small Bathroom Vanity.

Determine where you want your new Small Bathroom Vanity, and picture how you want it to look. Then with your tape measure, starting on the floor measure upward whatever you have decided that the height will be; make two marks on the wall and if you do not have a level it will be a good idea to make two extra marks in the center, to ensure yourself that the new Small Bathroom Vanity will be level.

Next is to measure the water and drain lines on the wall and transfer them to the back of the new vanity. After you move the new vanity into place you may need to use shims at the bottom to make the vanity  straight and level. Once it is in place and you have dropped the new sink into the hole and tightened everything down; it is time to install the new facets. It is now time to put all the water and drain lines back together. 

Your new Small Bathroom vanity is so easy to maintain, that it does not take more than your usual cleaning methods to make it sparkle.

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