Space Bags for Storage

Having two kids means my wife and I deal with lots of clothing for every season. We also keep the clothes for hand-me-downs for our second son. Our closets were bursting and we were out of space. The master bedroom began to look like a storage locker.

Then my wife saw a Space Bag commercial and we decided to give them a try. What a miracle. Those things are amazing! We put the contents of several closet shelves into a little more than a cubic foot of space. So we bought a few more and emptied some other shelves as well.

Now my wife has only to open a bag every few months to update the kid's clothing for season or growth, and we reseal them and put them back into their little spots. What a space-saver.

On the down side, the space we freed up is now filled with stuff that doesn't shrink in a Space Bag. Seems we always expand to fill the space we have.

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