Standing Lamp Design

A standing lamp is often though of as consuming too much space for the utility it provides and this might be true when trying to light up a small living space. However most people who consider buying a standing lamp will have at least 2500 square feet of living space to work with.

When we think of standing lamps mostly we think of floor standing lamps of which there is an infinite variety. Sometimes you want something with a low profile that will disappear into your living space. This can be accomplished by getting an ultramodern slim halogen floor standing reading lamp in a color that is close to the generalized shade of the room so that it blends in with the rest of the room without calling attention to itself.

Modern Design Standing Floor Lamps

These types of reading lamps have a specific purpose and are usually placed by a sofa, love seat, rocking chair or some other free standing chair like a La-z-boy type of recliner.

The lighting can be positioned to best suit the reader as can seen in the picture to the right which is a modern style of standing reading light that goes well with the lines of chair. This is a classic ultra-mod look from the seventies with the vivid coloring and curvaceous flowing lines.

On the other hand you have free standing lamps that have the purpose of general lighting to light up an entire room. Some good examples are those shooting a halogen bean up to the ceiling thereby lighting up a room and will usually have a dimmer. Frankly this is quite wasteful since halogen bulbs are not energy efficient but at least if it can be dimmed you can mitigate that effect somewhat.

Designer Standing Lamps

In this image to the right you can see that this standing floor lamp has a bit of a designer element to it. The bright halogen light is recessed further into the throat allowing the light to shine through the translucent shade.

This has a nice effect compared to those invisible standing floor lamps that shoot the light directly onto the ceiling so you don't interact with the light till after it bounces off a white ceiling. This is to call attention away from the lighting source itself, as if the light comes from nowhere.

It is a simple design with a nice lighting effect akin to a skylight. Not only is it bouncing light off the walls and ceiling it is also providing some diffuse lighting to the rest of the room. One has to be careful though because halogen lights bright enough for this lamp will heat up that glass pretty quickly and will be hot to the touch

Standing Lamps of Classic Design

Another type of floor standing lamp is simply an extended version of a simple matchstick table lamp but with the height extended so that it becomes a floor lamp. It is the simple elegance that is so appealing in this type of lamp.

The profile is slim with very classic lines suitable for any type of room, even in ultramodern decors. Usually a black standing lamp like this should be above shoulder height so it can have effective down lighting illumination for reading. Apart from this utilitarian aspect it also can function as a vertical accent for walls and corners that would otherwise be quite bare.

Another way this type of lamp can function is to create a focal point out of an important piece in the room that would otherwise remain quite obscure like an important antique desk or a mantelpiece with a sculpture or some other artwork that needed to be illumined.

Antique Standing Lamps

Other types of floor standing lamps can be the actual focal point rather than illuminating a focal point. Decorative lamps like antique standing lamps and modern standing lamps can be the center of attraction in a room.

They can be creatively designed with splashes of color ranging from bold oranges and reds to pastels to black and neutral colors. Various textures of fabrics can be used as well as well finished metals like brushed copper, stainless steel, and blackened pewter to reproduce the elements of some vintage lamp styles of another era.

Floor Standing Lamp Sculpture

Design can also incorporate intricate design details and over arching themes like this black standing lamp which is a reproduction.

With its multi-tonal metal and other finishes and larger than life appearance it gives an ambiance to a room that is idea oriented as well as serving as a focal point and conversation piece.

Cast in bronze it showcases a combination of well known landmarks from around the world symbolizing all manner of industrial and civilizational power and the abuse of power which is a far cry from your standard floor standing reading lamp. it would definitely be the center of attention in any type of room setting.

Standing Lava Lamp Design

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