Stopping Mold Growth On MDF and MDF Furniture

Before and After
Before and After
Looks ok from the outside...
Looks ok from the outside...

So it turns out that our flat has mold. For whatever reason (poor ventilation, cracks in the walls) we are now getting mold growing on the walls due to the condensation forming on and underneath wallpaper in our bedroom.

As we rent our flat, this would normally just be irritating. However, the problem is that mold loves MDF, the cheap wood that is often used as the backing for furniture. As a result, our large wardrobe and chest of drawers became quickly covered in green mold. Even when wiped away this would come back strongly within a week.

The mold can grow through the MDF either growing through the wood or finding cracks in it. Once on the inside of the cupboard/drawers, it can grow on clothes, notebooks and pretty much anything you’ve got tucked away in there.

We’ve hit upon a simple solution for this that we wanted to share with anyone else who’s dealing with this nightmare…sellotape! By taping up the back of the cupboard we have drastically slowed down the growth of mold on the furniture. The photos show how effective this is.

Now, I’m not going to pretend that this is a particularly long term remedy, but it is a lot better than having mold covered clothes. If you are planning to do this, however, you will need to cover both the outside and inside of any MDF furniture, unless the MDF has some kind of veneer which prevents the mold passing through.

I would also recommend you use clear tape, as this means that you can see how much mold growth is going on and can remove and replace the tape if the mold grows back too much. Also, when affixing the tape, try to make sure that there are as few air bubbles as possible.

I hope this helps someone out there who is dealing with the same problem! If you have a better solution, please let me know!

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Belly 7 years ago

We have the same problem in our bedroom - I've tried anti-mould spray but it comes back. I think I'll give this a try, cheers!

Pseudonymous profile image

Pseudonymous 7 years ago Author

Thanks for stopping by. Since we've taped up the piece of furniture pictured a month ago I've not had to clean it at all. Don't get me wrong, as I say there is some mould growth underneath but all in all its much better than having to wipe it down every few days.

davesnell profile image

davesnell 5 years ago from 5437 Cedarmint Drive, Charlotte, N.C. 28227

yeah i do have the same problem in my bedroom walls. I even tried getting rid of it by wiping out often but it comes back after every few week. How am i stop this problem ?

Robert 2 years ago

Lacey - I am super impressed with your rednielmog skills. I love everything I've seen so far! I would absolutely LOVE to see your house sometime .and see all that you've done!Ali is such a little cutie .and so grown up too!! I wish we lived closer, I think she and Kendyll would be such fun cousin/friends.I'm so glad you let us know that you update this blog on your family too .I love it! And I absolutely LOVE your work too. I so want to get my pictures done by you when I get a chance! We don't get down there often enough! The next time we get family pictures I will have to plan a trip down there for it!Sure hope you guys can make it to the Easter picnic again this year! Would love to see you all again!Love you guys!

JD 15 months ago

Hi, thanks for this. We found mold on the non-laminated back of our cubby. will give this a try. Did you find any other ways to keep mold at bay?

Will 8 months ago

I suppose painting the MDF would also fix the problem? I have the same issue and given the MDF is invisible at the back it's definitely an option I'm going to try. The tape is a good idea too.

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