Storage solutions for kids rooms

Kids' rooms are famous for being messy. However, with just a few simple solutions, you can transform that pigsty of a room into an inviting escape for your child.

Utilize closet space to make the most of storage in your kid's room. Try to limit the amount of clothing that will be hung up. Clothing that is folded takes up less space. Most clothing can be folded neatly and placed on shelves within reach. Wire shelving is widely available in preset measurements and is easy to install. It can also be custom made to meet space requirements. The only drawback is that wire shelving can leaves wire marks on folded clothing.

Laminate shelving is another alternative and comes on tracks that allow the shelves to be adjusted. Wood shelves offer a cleaner look, and can me custom made to suit space requirements. Clothing can be easily stacked on laminate shelving for a neat appearance.

Create a workstation in a dedicated place in the child's room for homework. The chair should be able to be pushed completely under the workstation to make the whole unit as neat as possible.

Combine storage with a seating area by using a bench that opens. Lift the top and store little used clothing or blankets. Top with soft cushions for an extra seating area.

Under the bed storage is another option and provides a place for extra comforters or blankets, toys or miscellaneous items. Make sure the storage can easily slide in and out from under the bed. Casters will help with this problem.

Stackable bins make great storage containers in kids' rooms. Wire cube units are available at most retailers, and can be custom configured to fit just about any space. These can be freestanding or mounted on the wall. Books, toys and other items will fit neatly into these storage containers.

Make sure the child has a bedside table that is within reach of the bed. It should contain a shelf for storage of loose items, and have a light on top. Shelves provide more accessibility for children and limit the amount of stuff they can misplace.

With a little thought, solving the problem of storage in a child's room is easy and affordable using innovative solutions.

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