Storage Jars Are Not Just For Christmas Or Kitchens

Many of us have storage jars in our kitchens and probably don't give them a second thought. However kitchen storage jars can be used to great effect in other rooms in our house. I am sure we have all assembled that flat pack wardrobe or set of draws to find some spare screws, nuts or washers. For some reason we never throw these away, be it an in depth desire to save money or just because are mother told us to "waste not, want not". Probably because we all have a doubt whether we may have missed something during assembly or that they will come in useful in the future. In fact most of us at sometime have found ourselves searching through a bag of various screws in search for that last fastener which will complete the assembly of a very important project.

One Christmas Eve

This is where my story begins and is one the main reasons I am writing this article. It was my daughters second Christmas and as with everything with a family with a small child that works full-time, time was something we all seem to run short of. My daughter had been very good this year and father Christmas had delivered a box which contained a beautiful wooden rocking horse which required self assembly. I also think it's because he wouldn't get it down the chimney. So on Christmas Eve (or should I say the early hours of Christmas morning) it was daddy's task to prepare the wooden toy for it's appearance on Christmas Day. As with anything DIY it always seems to take twice as long because it was twice as difficult. Every screw seemed to need the force of a gorilla to tighten up and this is when a potential disaster could have happened . There was a screw short! Either amongst all the boxes I had lost it or had been packed incorrectly. So straight to the garage I went muttering words I cannot repeat under my breath. Now I am sure I had a bag of spare screws somewhere. In fact I had more than one bag. Probably more like five all one within each other stuffed in the bottom of a tool box. At that point I vowed to get organised.

This is where the humble kitchen jar has become invaluable. Some kitchen canisters purchased for the specific purpose of storing DIY left over's and some recycled jam jars. Which ever you choose ensure it fits the content you wish to store and more importantly you have a specific place you wish to put it. Be it a shelf or a cupboard theĀ  phrase "a place for everything and everything in its place" is the key to success. Now my screws are in one jar, and washers and nuts in another. It is normally obvious what is being stored but if you like to get all your ducks in a row then a simple labelling system can help identify which storage jar you should search in first.

So now when I need to assemble anything I feel happy in the knowledge I know where my emergency backup supply of fasteners are. Although one lesson I have learnt is to ask father Christmas to deliver and assemble complicated toys well before Christmas Eve in the future.


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