Sunroom Furniture & Wicker

When searching for the right sunroom furniture, wicker is where most of us
start. However, do we know why? Maybe because it reminds us of warm, sun
drenched places even in the middle of a harsh winter. Maybe because the
balance of beauty, functionality, ease of maintenance, and green living is just
too much to resist. Alternatively, maybe it is because there are just so many
different options when choosing wicker.

Wicker Furniture Options

Available in a vast variety of styles and colors, wicker sofas are probably the
first thing many people buy for their sunrooms. Whether your room is large
enough to accommodate a full sized wicker sofa, or cozy enough to require a
love seat instead, you can choose from styles such as Grenada, Vineyard,
Metropolitan and Laguna. You may also buy chairs in order to create a
different kind of environment. Your room can be as fairy-tale English cottage,
or as modern, as you like. Each style comes in many colors. White is
the most popular, but there are beautiful browns and grays
that are also available. Moreover, if you cannot find exactly what you are
looking for, there is always the option of painting it yourself. Mind, though,
that you would have to prime your furniture first if it has been sealed.

Now that you have chosen your sofa, it is time to choose a wicker table, or
two. Just like the wicker sofas, wicker tables come in those same styles and
colors. With wicker tables, though, there are a few added considerations and
choices that must be made. For instance, do you desire side tables, a coffee
table, or both? Do you want your tables to match your sofa exactly, or be just
a little different? In addition, perhaps the most obvious of your options…do
you want glass tops?

Finally, there are the cushions to think about. Most wicker furniture cushions
are thick and comfortable, and come in a wider array of colors and patterns
than your furniture itself. When looking at a wicker furniture set, you may
find that you like one style of furniture with a cushion that has been placed
on a different furniture set. Remember, most places will allow you to choose
your cushions separately if you ask. Also, if your store will not allow you to
mix and match, you can almost always find cushions that are being sold
separately. As long as you have the measurements, you can often find wicker
cushions in whatever color or pattern you desire.


Wicker furniture tends to be expensive. You can buy single pieces on an
auction site for as little as 100 dollars; or you can buy a brand new set on
another site for 1,000 or more. Do not let the numbers fool you though; it is
often worth the cost. It is beautiful, functional, and easy to maintain. If
you are keeping your furniture inside, often all you have to do is dust it.
Even if you are using your wicker furniture as poolside or deck furniture, you
mainly just need to make sure it is weatherproofed. Then there is the fact
that wicker is a renewable resource. It is all natural, and one of the
greenest things you can do in your home.

I wish you luck in finding the perfect wicker furniture for
your sunroom. There are many questions to ask yourself, and given the sheer
number of options available in wicker furniture, your best bet may be to answer
these questions before you go looking. If you like to browse until something
catches your attention, be prepared to spend a lot of time looking through all
your choices, and have fun.


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