Super Mario Room Design

Super Mario

Ever since it's creation in the 1980's Super Mario has the distinction of being one of the all time most popular video games.

For the last two decades Super Mario Bros has been the best selling video game until 2009 when it was outsold for the first time by the Wii Sports game. But in spite of this Super Mario Bros continues to a top rated game and has gone on to acquire a whole new generation of fans.

And who wouldn't like Super Mario it's fun and exciting and at the same time a good clean harmless game that contains only comic violence. Plus it's a fun family game that you can participate in and who knows you might actually enjoy playing video games with your kids.

So if you do have a Super Mario fan in your household they will love having a Super Mario room. And it's really not all that hard to design an awesome room that everyone will love whether it's for one of your kids or maybe even for yourself. After all once a Mario fan always a Mario fan.

Super Mario Bros

Decorate Your Walls With Super Mario

A Super Mario room which can be suitable for all ages would make an awesome birthday present for the Mario fan in your household. And one of the nicest things about doing a Super Mario room is the fact that it's really not all that expensive.  In fact when designing your Super Mario room you can spend as little or as much as you want.

Before starting you might want to think about painting the walls a light color such as white or blue and maybe even adding some white puffy clouds to better show off the Mario stickers and murals. For the most part these stickers are very reasonably priced and they are definitely for designing an awesome room.

Below you will find a very nice selection of Super Mario wall stickers and murals for sale on ebay and amazon. Be sure to check out the cute Mario Kart sticker which is a top seller below.

Super Mario Wall Clocks

Profiled just to your right you will find an extra nice selection of Super Mario wall clocks to decorate your walls.

These clocks come in many different colors and designs which you will find once you take a look at the large selection that can be found on eBay.

Be sure to check out the personalized Super Mario clocks that can personalized with your child's name. A lot of the items that you will find on this page is custom designed by the seller and extremely unique as well as highly collectible.

Super Mario Bedding

Super Mario bedding is a little harder to find than a lot of the other Mario stuff, but you can find a very nice selection of customized bedding and window treatments for sale on ebay.

Collectibles To Decorate Your Room

When it comes to decorating your Super Mario room you're going to want to add a few  items and collectibles to add to the over all theme. This personalized Super Mario Poster that can be customized with your childs name would look awesome on the door or wall of their bedroom.

Be sure to check out the adorable chess set just below, it would look so cute displayed on a table or desk in your Super Mario room.

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Dan 6 years ago

I didn't know there was this much Mario merch but it only makes sense.

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