Surprise may surprise you

Surprise, Arizona

As coveted properties go, Surprise in Arizona is a property as coveted a property as can get. Residents will find the place fascinating. A small town but with big facilities, it exudes a charm that is hard to beat. Luxury is found in Mountain Gate. The Camaraderie a sure-fire feeling around here. Happy Trails Resort and Park Place are replete with sporting activities.

Places such as Sun Village, Arizona Traditions and Sun City Grand have been planned with retirees in mind and are age-restricted, gated properties with as varied fair as spas, community restaurants that provide multiple cuisines and clubs. The age specific fitness centers are well equipped with appropriate equipment. Golf is everywhere. Two of of the prominent clubs are Cimarron Golf Club and Desert Springs Golf club. The weather is conducive for golf in having sunshine for most of the year and is fit for gentlemen that are not so young any more.

Houses can be bought for as little as $50,000 with reasonable but comfortable amenities. If you have money to burn, up the ante and the sky is the limit. You could be the owner of a house that could put you back by up to $600,000.

White Tank Mountain Regional Park Trails concentrates on hiking for the exploration-minded and biking for the adventurous. You can ride yourself to exhaustion on a phony here. The desert all around you reward you with with a host of wildlife sightings that are unique to the terrain. Sunsets are a sight to behold. The twin pleasure of sight and sound can be enjoyed by watching the waterfalls and listening to the water plunging to the depths and hitting the rocks below.

Modern sporting activities are provided in Speedworld Motorplex, and the Stadium. There is the the West Valley Art Museum for the artistically inclined. Book lovers can quench their thirst at the well stacked regional library.

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AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

mmmm... You should also provide a profile of yourself and a pic do you really live in a place called Surprise?

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