Swarovski Christmas Ornaments Figurines 2012

Swarovski has recently launched it's christmas 2012 Figurines and Ornaments and they are absolutely adorable. Each year Swarovski collectors go crazy to get the annual edition ornaments that are released before the festive season. Lets take a look at what they have produced for us this year - They just seem to get better and better.

Christmas Bear 2012 Figurine

Here is the Swarovski Kris the Christmas bear for 2010. Looking for adorable than ever how could you pass this one by in the street! Bring him into your home for Christmas 2010 and show him off to everyone that comes round - He is bound to get plenty of tender love, care and affection from anyone that see's him! Makes for an exellent table decoration. A Subtle piece of magic!

Christmas Ornament 2012

Now lets take a look at the Christmas ornament for 2010. Absolutely stunning and twinkles beautifully when set in the right light. You could have this stunning piece hanging from your christmas tree, hanging from a unit in the house, or subtly placed somewhere safe in an open glass unit. Whatever you decide to do you know that you will be making a great decision. The beautifully cut christmas ornament is similar to last year but has finer detail making it a must buy for Christmas 2010.

If you can't bear to just have the one then why not invest in the complete 3 star / snowflake christmas set. They compliment each other beautifully and will make for the perfect christmas tree.

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Famous diamonds for every occasion!

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