Swarovski Crystal Chandeliers

Swarovski continues to be a brand synonmous with beautiful crystal chandiers for over 40 years now. Installing a Swarovski® Crystal Chandelier is one of the most beautiful and elegant additions you can do to enhance your home's value.

I'm sure at one time or another you've looked into a crystal chandelier and marveled at its beauty and its endless array of color in combination with light.

For discerning buyers of cut crystal, Swarovski® Crystal Chandeliers provide unmatched brilliance with its broad assortment of chandeliers delighting them with cut crystal ranging from classic to modern in every size, shape, colour and effect. Across the globe renowned designers and manufacturers of lighting laud the versatile and varied range of crystal elements in Swarovski products. Buyers delight in their unfading brilliance in their homes or offices.

Celestial Luminosity and Spectral Brilliance

New York Swarovski dealer Sam Miz of Global Illumination says, "Swarovski crystal chandeliers with their variety of sizes and shapes are precisely positioned like nothing you have ever seen before to emanate an almost celestial luminosity."

Miz adds, "A Swarovski crystal chandelier is considered the finest crystal in the world. The crystal is machine cut and polished to achieve perfect optical clarity, razor-sharp faceting and unique spectral brilliance.

"The Swarovski crystals are so spectacular that sheer light refraction of only one crystal will take your breath away."

You might be reading this and feel this is all well and good, but you really don't know where to start to figure out the best Swarovski crystal chandelier for your home.

Miz concludes, "You'll want to contact a dealer like us who'll educate you on how to decorate your home based on your house coloring, dimensions, settings and feel. Taking those factors into consideration, we will find the best fit chandelier to accommodate your house with warmth, elegance, and class."


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