Swarovski Disney Bambi Ornament Figurines 2012-2013

Disney Swarovski

Bambi is one of the most watched and loved Walt Disney films of all time. It is full of breathtaking animation and a wonderful storyline that has contributed to it being a real all time and timeless classic. Swarovski have created some amazing crystal figurines of all the important characters that feature in the film, and they are collected by thousands of people throughout the world. Lets take a look the crystal figurines and the characters, and allow you the opportunity to purchase one should you want to.


The first character we will look at is Bambi himself, the adorable little wobbly legged fawn who is set to one day take the reins of the forest and become the prince. This beautiful ornament figurine shows off Bambi's stunning posture. Marvellously created with his faceted clear crystal body set on unfaceted legs, with a Rosaline crystal butterfly tail which makes him totally adorable - the look of a prince to be!


Thumper is Bambi's bestest friend in the forest. Thumper has an intriguing guenuine little smile and is the one that Bambi can aways trust. If you was to buy the bambi, then you might find he looks just that little bit loney without thumper by his side. The beautiful figurine shows Tumper hopping along looking cheery as his nose sparkles and eyes gleam. Side by side these 2 just look perfect.

Friend Owl

Bambi's Friend Owl is the wisest of them all, and spends his time watching over the young and the old in the forest - he is there for Bambi when Bambi needs him most. Stunning soft figurine that brings a smile.


Flower is the only sweet smelling skunk in the forest! He is likeable and becomes close to Bambi in the forest.

More Swarovski Walt Disney Characters...

 Swarovski also produce figurines for other Walt Disney film characters, including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Lion King, Eeyore and more. Take a look and see if there are any that take your fancy, or perhaps any that don't!!......

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