How toTake care of your clothes


"clothes make the Man". With a little extra care you can make your clothes look new for a longer time and make them look great.

1. Normally everybody of us have a habit of waiting for the clothes to be really dirt before washing, don't do this do not wait for the clothes to be really dirty before washing them. Dirt and grease, once ingrained in the fabric are difficult to remove.

2.Torn clothes should be mended and loose buttons stitched on before washing, and make sure to clean your pockets, because things like chalk, bits of paper, etc left behind usually stain the pocket area.

3.Remove any stains as soon as they are formed, other wise you have to fight it hard to get it removed, for this a piece of cut lemon will work wonders.

4.Never ever economise on the quality of the detergent, harsh detergents damage your clothes and are unkind to your hands also.

5.After choosing the detergent soak clothes according to the instructions on the detergent pack. Before soaking coloured clothes, check to see if the colours run. If it so try to soak it separately otherwise it may damage the other clothes that are being soaked with it.


6.Greasy kitchen dusters should be soaked in hot water to remove the grease.

7. If your clothes contain elastic then should not be soaked in hot water, because the elastic in clothes will loosen if soaked in hot water.

8.Use an ordinary soft brush that is enough to clean the dirt in your clothes, avoid using the old fashioned stick to beat the clothes, that may break down the fibre of the fabric, and will irritate your neighbour and damage your floor.

9.Rinse out clothes well. Soap left behind in the clothes causes itching and allergy to skin.

10. Adding Blue prevents greying, it should be added to the final rinse and mixed well before rinsing out whites.

don't be so worried its not so hard or painful


11.Use Bleach for white clothes regularly at home.

12. Sunlight kills germs and bleaches clothes but also damages them by its ultraviolet rays. Clothes in white colour can be dried in the sunlight, whereas coloured ones in the shade to prevent them from fading.

13.Clothes dry faster if there is more sunlight, if there is less humidity in the air, if the temperature of the air is higher, if it is windy and if a large amount of surface area of the garment is exposed for drying.

14. When drying clothes in your balcony, hung big clothes behind smaller clothes so that air can circulate freely.

15.Don't hang clothes for drying in the morning and take tem down in the evening. They 'll fade this way, change their position frequently, so that they dry faster.

come on! its so easy


16. Check labels of woollens to see if they can be washed at home, or if they should be sent for dry cleaning. To wash woollens at home, use a mild detergent and always use cold water. Rub the garment gently with hand, rinse and squeeze out the water, do not wring it. Turn the garment inside out lay it flat on sheets of old newspaper, pat it into shape and dy in the shade.

Never hand up woollens for drying. They will get out of shape.

17.Laces and other delicate fabrics should be washed gently.

18. Never iron dirty clothes at any cost. Doing so helps the dirt to penetrate further into the fabric.

19. While ironing your clothes keep the iron heat to the required level of the fabric, and never iron elastic.

20. Clothes should be kept in well ventilated cupboards. Sheets, towels, pillow cases, tablecloths etc should be folded and kept in chests and taken out when needed. Small items like hankies, socks and lingerie should be kept in drawers where it is easier to find them.

21. Keep insects away by using moth balls.

22. Last but not least, never share your clothes with others.

After all its the clothes that cover our body and give us the dignity.

If you take care see how it takes care of you, wow! handsome


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Very good article, but why everything in Bold letters. that can be avoided..

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It was not intentionally done there is a problem with my keyboard, certainly i will correct it, thanks a lot for your comments. Hope to have more

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I checked it now is it OK? Trsmd.

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