Taking a Colourful View of Lighting


As a concept lighting is not just about simple brightening. When we talk of casting some light on a thing we are often speaking symbolically. The notion is a simple one – that light is a source of moral and intellectual as well as physical illumination – indeed the word we use is “enlightenment”.

If light as a concept is indicative of greater understanding, and increased knowledge, then additional meaning is sometimes inferred by the specific nature of the light in question. In particular, we use different coloured lights to introduce different scenarios.

When we give somebody the green light to do a thing, for instance, it is universally understood that we are giving permission for them to proceed. The term directly relates to traffic lights on our streets, where green means go.

Conversely a red light typically instructs us to stop, as is once again the case with a set of traffic signals. Stopping at a red light has other connotations, of course, when visiting one of the seedier areas of more or less any major city, especially in some parts of the continent.

Continuing with the traffic comparison a blue light symbolises emergency, a situation in which we all suddenly forget our own priorities to allow a more pressing demand to override. Whether it is an accident or medical emergency, a crime scene to be visited, a major blaze at a home or an industrial premises or indeed a cat stuck up a tree, we selflessly pull to one side to enable the greater good to assert itself.

Coloured home lighting for mere decoration

In the home on the other hand there is nothing ulterior to be read into one’s choice of colour, when a tint is what we want to brighten up our rooms. Sometimes colours are used in primary lighting as well as on such things as bedside and table lamps to create a particular ambience around the dwelling.

Colourful lights are usually in fact conventional lights emerging through a colourful shade. Whatever it may be, it cannot be denied that creating a tinted effect when illuminating a room entirely defines the character of that room, and indeed of the household in which it is being employed.

Colour is increasingly being used in home lighting as technology and design create more options. Pendant lights and table lamps in a range of colours can be tastefully blended with the surrounds to introduce a wholly new feel.


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