Teak Wood Bathtubs and Other Wood Bathroom Furniture

A polished, beautiful teak tub
A polished, beautiful teak tub | Source

Wood furniture has been used for years in bathrooms, from bowl sinks to mirror frames to bathroom vanities - but did you know that you can even have a wood bathtub? Many modern wooden bathroom tubs are now available in rich natural materials such as oak or teak that can stand up to years of wear and tear, and lend a totally unique, totally gorgeous look to your restroom getaway!

Say Wha?? Wood Bathroom Furniture

You are probably more familiar with more common types of wood bathroom furniture such as wooden bathroom vanities, sinks or chairs. If you're like me, you probably assumed that wood could really only be used for conventional pieces of furniture and flooring. Well, I recently learned that a lot of hardwoods can also be shaped and cured into a wood bathtub - not only does this make your bathtub jaw-droppingly beautiful with a unique "earthy" and natural look, it also represents awesome modern furniture technologies. It is basically the ultimate in luxurious bathroom fixtures. Hyperbole? Yeah, probably. But just look at it!

See? It's TOTALLY gorgeous!
See? It's TOTALLY gorgeous! | Source

Typical Woods: The Usual Suspects

Various woods are used to make these bathroom tubs, including walnut, mahogany, maple, rosewood, and of course (and probably the most popular) teak. While all these woods have their own defining qualities (their individual flavor, or "sabor," as I like to call it - yeah, I'm a geek!), for this particular Hub we will be talking more about teak wood and its wonderful applications in modern bathroom furniture.

They even have walk-in models!
They even have walk-in models!

Teak is a hardwood of tropical origins, and it can be used even outdoors, because of its natural resistance to termites. This wood is durable enough on its own, without any extra help from the typical finishes that are applied to most bath furniture. However, given the especially moist nature of the bathtub, teak wood tubs need to be sealed with a waterproof sealant. This ensures that there will be no water damage to the wood, no matter how much splish-splash goes on in your bath.

Along with bathroom tubs, you can install myriad other teak furniture in your lovely bathroom. Cabinets, vanities, a custom-made sink and more can be found or special ordered at many online destinations and classic brick-and-mortar stores like Restoration Hardware. Heck, you might even consider investing in a teak chair to sit and relax in while drying off after your bath! Ooh, the idea wheel is turning!

Yes, But What About Size?

Teak bathtubs can be found in a number of different shapes and sizes, as modern technology and wood-curing methods allows for some very creative interpretations of what a "bath tub" should look like. There are classic rectangular tubs with straight sides and rich chocolate wood tones, oblong models with nice curved ends for comfort, and even totally weird and irregular ones featuring shell shapes and abstract angles. These designs are all very stylish and unique, and I can't get over how cool these look. They help you make a statement with your bathroom, not just decorate it. But if you're not into statements and just want to make your bathroom pretty, well, they do that too!

Is this a bathtub, or a speedboat? You tell me!
Is this a bathtub, or a speedboat? You tell me! | Source
Sigh... I want to be there! Right now!
Sigh... I want to be there! Right now!
I hear that chemical-blue water is all the rage these days. Also, is it just me, or does this look like something the Jetsons would bathe in?
I hear that chemical-blue water is all the rage these days. Also, is it just me, or does this look like something the Jetsons would bathe in?

Why are These Teak Bathtubs Popular?

Many people are going back to natural surroundings in their decorating. They want the earthy sensibilities of wood instead of the more clinical and - let's face it - boring look that fiberglass or porcelain gives a bathroom. A teak wood bathtub and other wood bathroom furniture can help them accomplish this. So what do you think? Do teak bath tubs seem awesome to you, or a new fad that you couldn't care less about? Sound off in the comments below, and be sure to leave your vote in the poll!

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