Western Cedar Picnic Tables and Benches

A red cedar picnic tables speaks volumes about you or your business. The rich color improves any setting. Businesses can improve sales with high quality surroundings that include cedar picnic tables.

Cedar is easy to maintain. You can stain your cedar picnic table or let is weather naturally. Either choice will yield a beautiful, durable picnic table to enhance your business, back yard, or park.


Cedar picnic tables come in a variety of sizes and designs. A traditional 10 foot table is perfect for an ice cream shop; an octagon cedar table works well in a park or family setting.

Cedar picnic tables also come in kids sizes. Children can be rough on furniture, but cedar is durable enough to handle the job.

No more painting or rotting wood. Cedar ages well without rot of decay.


Easy Assembly and Low Cost

Buying a cedar picnic table online is easy. Your table will be shipped straight to your door. There is no need to borrow a truck to haul your table home.

Most cedar picnic tables assemble in less than fifteen minutes. Everything is pre-fit for fast and easy assembly.

Amazon is the best place to buy a cedar picnic table. Numerous suppliers offer their cedar tables for sale. Amazon places the lowest cost and best quality tables at the top of the list. Cedar picnic table manufacturers vie for the top spot by increasing quality at the lowest price.

Amazon also provides a level of confidence when buying products. If the product fails or is defective, Amazon will refund your money if the manufacturer or retailer does not make good on the sale.

Your business will enjoy increased sales when the atmosphere is pleasant. Cedar picnic tables work well in many retail establishments. Shops with outdoor seating keep customers at the business longer with more opportunities for sales. More people gathered around a business give the feel of importance. People want to see what all the activity is about. Momentum builds more sales.

Cedar picnic tables also add a level of sophistication to a home or park. Family gatherings need adequate seating for conversation or a game of cards.

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