The Best Digital Pocket Scales

If you've ever been in the need for an accurate scale when on the run, then a portable digital pocket scale will solve a lot of problems. They are especially good if you need to weigh something small such as the serves of a single meal when you are on a diet or a special food plan and need accurate figures. They are also great if you need them for other jobs such as weighing tobacco or even gem stones. If you have a stall in a market and need a scale you can take almost anywhere and pack away for easy transportation you can't go past one of these.

There are good compact digital scales and bad ones though. Some are more accurate than others, and more durable as well, and this is the reason for this article. If you need one of these, then you want it to do the job properly. The scales featured in this article all have a few things in common: they are accurate, and easy to calibrate. They are also reliable and durable. The other, and most important thing is that they are well-liked by the people who use them.

All the scales featured here are available online at Amazon marketplace, sometimes at hugely discounted prices. You won't have any problem getting exactly what you need, pain-free, without having to leave your home.

Fast Weigh M-500 Digital Pocket Scale

If you're after a cheap and truly portable pocket scale then the Fast Weigh M-500 Digital Pocket Scale is just what you need. The scale is battery operated, so you will need two AAA batteries to start yourself off, but they will last a long time between replacements. The scale itself is designed to weigh up to 500 grams in 0.1 gram increments, which will work for most of your needs.

It has a plastic cover which clips on over the scale to protect it during transport, whether it be in your bag or in your briefcase. The cover also does double-duty as a tray for weighing. You may find that it is inaccurate at first, and it really is worth getting a 500g calibration weight if you plan to use it for really precise weights. This is perhaps the biggest drawback of this scale, but on any scale where you require accurate measurements calibration is a must.

If you are after a scale that fits in your pocket, but works well all the time, with only a little maintainence, then you can't go past this little, cheap scale.

American Weigh AMW-100 Silver Precision Digital Pocket Scale

If you are willing to pay just a little more for a pocket scale which gives you even more accurate weights then the American Weigh AMW-100 Silver Precision Digital Pocket Scale is a good investment. It has a flip open lid to protect the weighing surface, and the surface itself is made of stainless steel. You can only weigh up to 100g on this scale, but the pay-off is a very accurate weight, with increments of 0.01g. The display is easily readable, being a backlit LCD, and it runs off 2 AAA batteries.

Given that this scale is all about accuracy, the makers have included a 100g weight for calibration. You won't need to go out and make additional purchases once you have the scale.

This scale is small, light and accurate. If you need all of these things, then this scale is well worth the small purchase price.

Polder Pocket Size Digital Scale

The Polder Pocket Size Digital Scale, although a pocket scale, is marketed as a kitchen scale. It uses both the metric and imperial systems and measures up to 1 pound or 500g. The scale used for measures is .005 ounces, or 0.1 grams respectively. The scale uses lithium batteries, which are included in the purchase price of the scale.

The lid on this scale is hard, and again can be used as a measuring tray. This helps to keep the whole unit very compact. You will find if you have the need for very accurate measurements that it is worth your while to get a 1 pound or 500g calibration weight in order to keep the scales honest. This scale is slightly larger than the other two featured here, and is about the size of an average checkbook, so you will need a little more space in your bag, but not much more.

For the price, this is still very good value, and is especially useful if you want a portable pocket scale, but need a bit extra room than the other two featured here will give you.

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