The Best Paper Shredders

With identity theft a greater issue than ever, having a paper shredder has come from being a useful piece of equipment to being an essential one. Having a paper shredder is just as much a security measure as having a lock on your door. The great news is there are some truly excellent ones on the market today, and this article looks at some of the best available online today.

There are a few things you need to look for when deciding on a shredder. The first is how thoroughly do you want to shred your papers? The traditional type of shredder which cuts up your papers in lines isn't really that effective as a determined person could tape the paper back together. You are better off with a cross-cut shredder, diamond shredder or confetti shredder. The next thing you need to consider is how reliable it is, and how easy it is to use. All these things can help you decide on which one to buy.

The shredders featured in this article have all of the things you need, and have one more thing in common: they are all highly thought of by the people that use them, and are all available online at Amazon, sometimes at greatly reduced prices.

Fellowes Powershred W-11C Cross-Cut Shredder (CRC31032)

The Fellowes Powershred W-11C Cross-Cut Shredder reduces up to 11 sheets into confetti particles in one pass. It is reliable, fast and clean. You can use it to cut not only paper but items such as credit cards as well. The bin is below the shredder, and you have to lift the unit off to remove the garbage. This is easy to do, and it replaces back in easily. There is a safety mechanism in the shredder which will not allow its use without the bin attached, and a child safety lock.

This shredder is solid and reliable, and well designed for its purpose as a home shredder. You can't cut up anything as thick as cardboard, and it does strain a bit at the eleven page limit, but it will keep on going if you don't over strain it.

The Fellowes Powershred W-11C Cross-Cut Shredder is great value for money, and will serve you well for years to come.

Aurora AS420C Desktop Style Crosscut Paper Shredder with Basket

If you are after a cross cut shredder which sits on your desk then the Aurora AS420C Desktop Style Crosscut Paper Shredder  is what you are looking for. This shredder has a 40 sheet capacity, and will allow you to shred about 4-6 sheets at a time. The basket underneath has a handle, and it comes with a cleaning tool so that you can easily remove paper which has been caught in the blades. It won't take up much space on your desk, measuring 9 x 7 x 10 inches.

Because of the size of this shredder you will not be able to shred full sheets at a time, instead you will need to fold the paper in half to shred it, but this is a small inconvenience considering the space you save. The shredder is quieter than the floor models but still makes a fair amount of noise. If you require thin, small pieces of paper, then you may find the blades on this one a bit wide.

This is a great shredder when used for what it was designed for. So if you don't have much space, and want to do some shredding, then this is worth the small purchase price.

Shredder Essentials 6-Sheet Diamond Cut Shredder (SES-D610)

If all you need is a lightweight shredder, but want one with the extra security of cross cutting the Shredder Essentials 6-Sheet Diamond Cut Shredder is a good investment. It will cut approximately 6 pages at a time, but runs better on less than that; it's optimal shredding amount is 2-4 pages.

This unit runs well when used properly, but if misued its motor will overheat. A window at the front of the basket will fill up, letting you know when you have to empty it, but be warned if you are doing a lot of shredding that will be often, as they have only supplied a small one. It works well and is easy to use.

If you only have a small amount of shredding to do, but like the idea of cross cutting your paper then this shredder will do you nicely.

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